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CS-Frag Anniversary & New chapter


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It’s been a year since one of our beloved old server EUFrag, passed down its torch to us. We are extremely happy and proud as our community remain strong with a continuous steadfast growth. We are happy to celebrate this day with all of you with great pride as there are so much more to come in the near future. Expanding our community has always been an option to us and we have no intention of stopping it.

We’d like to express our sincerity with a “Thank You" to all of our staff members and members. Your undying trust and support to our journey has been one of our greatest motives thus far and we’re looking forward to working with you all in the future. Without your passion, CS-Frag would have died long ago and wouldn’t have existed today. Happy birthday CS-Frag!


We also have another important announcememt to make for today. You may have noticed a random number of our players plummeting for the past several months. This is due to the fact that our servers were under a constant Ddos attacks from the outsiders. To prevent this issue and to ensure a high-quality gaming experience to you all, we've decided to change our IP address. We've also purchased a new host which is based in France and it is compartively a much upgraded version to what we used to have. The servers has been rebuilt and they're now working better than ever!

  • Zombie Escape:
  • Zombie Mod:
  • Bunnyhop:
  • SurF RPG:
  • Minigame:

Download the updated GameMenu.res file from Here, to have quick access to all our servers from your Counter-Strike: Source main menu.


We will hold anniversary events commencing next Friday.

And more information related to our anniversary events will be provided and announced by next Monday.


Thank you for being part of CS-Frag!



@Calig @Tariq @Leda and on behalf of all Staff Members.

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I want to express my gratitude to our loyal players, for sticking with us through all this time. You guys are AWESOME! CS-Frag would never be the way it is now, if it wasn't for you.

Every day I feel obligated to give all my passion and love for this amazing community. Trying my best to always be there for our players, making sure they all get the best possible gaming experience.

For the past year, CS-Frag went through good and not so great times, moments of joy and moments of difficulties, but our beloved administrators @Calig @Tariq @Leda @SnoWolf @XXitachi were always there for us, making sure we get the best of best experience possible while playing in the numerous servers (Minigame,Zombie Escape, Zombie Mod, Surf, Bhop etc.) I also want to thank our  hard working server admins for all the time they gave to CS-Frag, all the love they've shown in the past year and all the unforgettable memories. @shredder @VLAN @VaNsTeR @Rix :V @XXPortal @JamNass @--GHOST-- @pimpmyname @MHR. A BIG THANK YOU.


I feel blessed to be part in this as well, and I will make a promise. A promise that I will continue to give all my passion and energy for this gaming project, a project we made after the fall of EUFrag, all the love for this old server made us what we are TODAY. We should all be proud to be part of this great community. Our new endeavour is to achieve EVEN more, to expand to other games and continue to build on what we have. 


As a conclusion I would like to say only one thing : Thank you @CS-Frag.com for the past year, thank you for all the good memories you left in me. I do hope  the upcoming year will be even greater for all of us, because we  deserve it. CS-FRAG DESERVES IT!



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