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  1. Happy birthday 

  2. Happie bustday

  3. Happieee birthday :)

  4. Happy birthday, best wishes.



    Star Wars are for gay people

  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch mein Lieber!

  6. Vanster

    i know about this you told me before already but seeing this now as a video is somehow satisfaying to watch idk why
  7. Vanster

    its pretty much black ops 4 combined with titanfall mechanics. It has a big playerbase cuz the game is free on origin
  8. Vanster

    looking forward for this
  9. Vanster

    Step up your game now brother :). You have alot more responsibilitys now, Take care of your family!
  10. Vanster

    This actually looks really good!
  11. Vanster

    not credited
  12. Vanster

    @Calig take notes you underaged midget
  13. Vanster

    wait wut ur marrying? congratz man!
  14. Vanster

    Please bear with us. We already know that there are a lot of cheated runs on bhop. Those runs are really obviously scripted but atm we don't have any bhop admins to deal with them. We're soon (hopefully) getting updated version of the current timer with proper anti-cheat system. That for all stats will be reset. For now can't give exact dates when it will be done, but as soon as we get it to ourselves.
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