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  1. Happy birthday 

  2. Happie bustday

  3. Happieee birthday :)

  4. Happy birthday, best wishes.



    Star Wars are for gay people

  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch mein Lieber!

  6. Vanster

    i know about this you told me before already but seeing this now as a video is somehow satisfaying to watch idk why
  7. Vanster

    its pretty much black ops 4 combined with titanfall mechanics. It has a big playerbase cuz the game is free on origin
  8. Vanster

    looking forward for this
  9. Vanster

    Step up your game now brother :). You have alot more responsibilitys now, Take care of your family!
  10. Vanster

    This actually looks really good!
  11. Vanster

    not credited
  12. Vanster

    @Calig take notes you underaged midget
  13. Vanster

    wait wut ur marrying? congratz man!
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