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  1. Happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!

    1. XXExodus


      Thank you!

  2. Happy birthday Exo!

  3. XXExodus

    This is probably the most ridiculous and yet funny thing I've ever read in my life. Why would you think Valve never intended the bhopping on their game? Its something which even the devs pointed out during late 2003. I remember reading something like that. bhopping is part of Counter-Strike since its release. Its there, even in CS:GO. Its not even banned from the competitive scene. Jokes aside, if you really think bhopping is an unfair advantage over people who can't do it, well you kinda have a point there, but hey life is not fair in most of the times. CS-Frag has bhop disabled, furthermore your complain is absolutely ridiculous. Bhoppers cant benefit that much. If you try to join another ZE server, you'll notice what im talking about.
  4. Good to hear this, it was a discussion I remember going since maybe a year. Im glad you guys finally managed to do it. Like @Calig said, its not even worth it. About the people commenting that "rip us non steamers", what Calig and the administration team are trying to tell you is that: YES, THE PROMOTION of the server is over, which means it will no longer appear on your "favorites" tab (CS:S non steam clients) you will have to add it there yourself and join the server from there. This does NOT mean that non-steam clients will no longer be eligible to join the server. Read carefully next time.
  5. Nice template, herr Calig. I will try to make it on time for the zombie tower + nemesis. Sounds fun. Also, happy anniversary cs-frag.
  6. XXExodus

    @Uchiha Desu type the following commands into your console : r_decals 2048 mp_decals 2048 cl_playerspraydisable 0 r_spray_lifetime 2 decalfrequency 10 cl_allowdownload 1 cl_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 sv_allowupload 1
  7. XXExodus

    He is a toxic player, I know this. But if you want me to punish him, please give me some proof. I am not gonna waste an hour searching in IsmaelF's chat history ( I could, and probably will find enough evidence to gag him, but I need players to learn, that if you make a report thread YOU need proofs!)
  8. Happy Birthday на най-якият АДМИН <3 Best wishes !!!  :balloon::partypopper::kermit:

  9. Happy Birthday, Exo ^_^

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