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  1. Lmao Vanster is a little bitch that can't play Battlebit Remastered because its too hard.

  2. Harue

    Get good, get unmuted, also not very relevant to this topic..
  3. Happy Birthday old pal ;)

  4. Today was a day of silence/depression

    1. Yabba


      I get the feeling.

  5. Harue

    Why such attitude towards Discord?
  6. Harue

    Since alot people use recent time discord, and it's easier to make and connect for strangers to it. Why isn't Cs-frag using it aswell? I could help to setup a discord for you guys
  7. Happy birthday


    1. Deadview


      I express my thankfulness :kermit:

  8. Harue

    Skins? We need Hentai skins. Yes, or atleast something which makes us stand apart of the other servers. #Totally didn't edit this reply
  9. I've just seen Brimstone, it's a pretty horrible story. Please do not watch this movie it's traumatising.

  10. Harue

    Unless you get tempered glass with mulltiple dust filters on your case, then it's twice a month.
  11. To be honest I don't mind the name change unless it's promoting something like a movie or fandom.. Still it could get confussed for people who aren't known to the forums, it could lead to misconception. *cough* vanster kys
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