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  4. Happy New Year my lovely and beautiful friends!~

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  6. Hello guys :)

    1. Calig


      Welcome! :pepeD:

  7. Calig

    Added to server, thanks again!
  8. Calig

    Didn't upload to server, as I didn't really want the server version differ from 'original'. I've uploaded the .nav file Thanks!
  9. GiGaBiTe

    Here's another nav mesh. Bots can now navigate 3 of the 4 levels in the map, versus just the bottom floor. They can also get up on most obstacles. Some are unreachable due to requiring complex jumping. The roof of the map is also unreachable for the same reasons. This isn't fixable without a map update. https://www.mediafire.com/file/10q4cokutrr7shp/zm_an_warehouse_redux_nav.zip/file
  10. GiGaBiTe

    If you already put the above version on the server, you can't go back to the original version or the situation you predict will happen. If you haven't uploaded this version, here's the nav file by itself. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6yxq5ufzcupyr83/zm_fubar_towers_v4_nav.zip/file The map will be missing the sounds for the rave room and the exit doors on map start, but they're not terribly important.
  11. Calig

    I wouldn't take the risk to require all the players go and remove the map file from their maps folder. Most of the players still wouldn't know what to do in this situation, as removing a map from from their maps folder. Could you consider renaming the map, or we could use the nav file to be downloaded seperately?
  12. Happy birthday! :HYPERS:

  13. GiGaBiTe

    I don't like renaming existing compiles of maps, because it can cause some internal BSP structures to have strange behavior. When a map is compiled, a few things are tied to the BSP name itself. I've seen texture issues, like them going missing, corrupt normals, broken specular maps, etc. The cubemaps in particular also tend to get screwed up, because the Source engine treats a BSP like a folder in a file system when reading internally stored resources. So if the cubemaps were originally zm_fubar_v4 and you rename it to zm_fubar_v5, the engine is still looking for them in the old directory and won't find them, resulting in default cubemaps everywhere. These issues may have not cropped up in this map, because it doesn't use cubemaps or custom textures, but I like to be on the safe side. I would be concerned about differing BSP versions, but this map is 16 years old, and very obscure. There aren't going to be many people today that still have it. And those that do are probably going to know how to delete their local copy of the map and download it. Since you had version 2 on for so long, I don't think it will be much of an issue.
  14. Calig

    Thanks! I replaced zm_wtfhax_v6c with this version. Live on the server now.
  15. Calig

    Hey, thanks! Don't you need to re-name the map, as zm_fubar_towers_v4 already exists?
  16. Marry Crustmas

  17. GiGaBiTe

    Cleaned up the dependency issues and made a custom navigation mesh for the map. Everything is packed into the BSP so that no external files are needed. Mortis didn't change much between v2 and v4 as far as I can tell. The two big changes are that the map doesn't "leak" to the void anymore, and the annoyingly loud garage door was fixed to not make your ears bleed. I may do a remake of the entire map later, because there are still a ton of issues with the map as it is. The bots can get to most places in the map, but will have trouble with the more complicated jumps and the glass catwalks. https://www.mediafire.com/file/xyays8ciq39vid9/zm_fubar_towers_v4.zip/file
  18. GiGaBiTe

    Another unreleased map of mine. Cleaned it up and did some additional modifications to make it easier for bots to get around. The map includes a custom navigation mesh packed in the BSP, no external nav file is needed. This map shares lineage from v6c, but there are numerous changes and bug fixes since that version. Versions 6d-6g weren't released outside one test server. The custom navigation mesh makes sure you aren't safe from bots in as many places as possible. Don't think going on the roof will save you. https://www.mediafire.com/file/z63ybsw85yo9equ/zm_wtfhax_v6h.zip/file
  19. can u do a help kindly


    1. Calig


      Join our discord server for Support.

  20. Calig

    Appreciate the effort! Thanks! It has been added to server
  21. GiGaBiTe

    Not a map, but a navmesh. This took several hours to make. Made an entirely new navmesh for zm_app7e_betterbworld to allow the bots to traverse the entire map. The default auto generated navmesh the Source engine makes is junk and doesn't account for ladders and maps with multiple levels, so the bots usually get stuck in the lowest levels of the map and are cannon fodder. The only thing bots won't do is use teleporters, because there's no mechanism to make them use them. Here's a couple of debug shots of the new navmesh. https://www.mediafire.com/file/x2mzevp9ssdqdtn/zm_app7e_betterbworld.nav/file
  22. Hellllooo people!~ Long time no see~.

  23. Cool profile page :kermit:

    1. Hannah


      giga epic

  24. GiGaBiTe

    Looks like the separate nav file fixed the problem, just played a few rounds with bots and they work. Though, you may want to make a map cfg file for this map to have more bots than usual, like 24 or so, because the map is so large.
  25. Calig

    Console only shows "Invalid navigation file 'maps\zm_3dubka_v3d.nav'." Added .nav file to server.
  26. GiGaBiTe

    Just played the map and it looks like the nav file isn't working for whatever reason because no bots joined. Here's the separate nav file to add to the server. https://www.mediafire.com/file/z2fb7m5dz3gy021/zm_3dubka_v3d.nav/file If this doesn't work, I'll spin a new version of the map. It's strange it doesn't work, I tested it on my local server and the bots joined up fine. Maybe something got wonky in the BSP packing. I can only speculate because I can't see the server console to debug any error messages.
  27. Calig

    Seems to be quite a big map for low player base, but sure I'll add it. Awesome work, thanks!
  28. GiGaBiTe

    Spun a new revision of this map for this server to fix some old bugs and add a custom navmesh so the bots work properly. The bots should be able to navigate the entire level and give you a hard time as zombies, so don't get too comfortable. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5wizr5ltwhoyt07/zm_3dubka_v3d.bsp.zip/file
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