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    really good event i will be there yoooo guys ready for mako ?
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  17. EUFrag 4th Anniversary Yes! It's again that time of year when we are turning more years, 4 amazing years! It has been a pleasure to see each and every one of you in our community. Many have come back to say hello, which has been absolutely wonderful, although the situation is what it is, and yet we're still here and not going anywhere! Without a word, this year, like all other previous years, we will celebrate this day by gathering together and having fun at events. And what makes this one different compared to other years is, bringing in new events that we haven't had before. Hide 'n Seek mod from CS 1.6 and Deathrun event. And of course, what would ANYTHING be without escaping from some zombies.. The events will be held at 6 PM UTC + 3 time. However, you can easily keep track of when the event is about to begin via timers. Hopefully we'll get to see many of you at the events. Also remember to share with your friends about our events! See you soon! (HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER IMAGE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE EVENT) HIDE 'N SEEK (CS 1.6) As a Terrorist, your goal is to survive for 3 minutes, only by using ladders and grenades you have. T will get 2 flashbangs and 1 freeze grenade. CT will have to try to catch T before round end (3 minutes) Good luck surviving! The ground kills you! Join Server ZOMBIE ESCAPE Playing the following maps in the given order: ze_Tyranny2_v1 - ze_Fapescape_v1_2 - ze_FFVII_Mako_reactor_v5_3 Join Server DEATHRUN (T) The purpose of this mode is to go through obstacles and kill your enemy (CT). While as the trap user you do whatever it takes to win by killing CT'S with traps. Never let them reach the finish line if you don't want to get killed! Join Server
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