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  2. Calig

    EUFRAG - Counter-Strike 2 - KZ connect - Maps - kz_victoria kz_checkmate
  3. EUFRAG - Counter-Strike 2 - Bunnyhop connect - Maps - bhop_colour
  4. Calig

    EUFRAG - Counter-Strike 2 - Easy Surf connect - Maps - surf_utopia_njv surf_ace surf_kitsune surf_beginner surf_deathstar surf_rookie
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  6. EUFRAG - Counter-Strike 2 - Zombie Escape Server connect Server has been currently set up with basic zombie escape ports. More to come over further developement of the mod in counter-strike 2. ** SERVER CURRENTLY PROTECTED WITH PASSWORD ** - Maps - ze_raccoon_facility_p ze_licciana_escape_p ze_rooftop_runaway2_p ze_rooftop_runaway1_p ze_voodoo_islands_p ze_potc_p ze_mars_escape_p ze_mario_tower_p ze_sorrento_escape_p ze_jurassicpark_p ze_icecap_escape_p ze_iamlegend_p ze_dangerous_waters_p ze_boatescape101_p
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  8. Hey guys its me revenant gameplay and welcome to my profile 

    gaming is not just a game it is a feeling

    this thing can only understand

    a real gamer 

    nothing more to say thanks for visiting my profile

    Cya!!! :Squid1::Squid2::Squid3::Squid4:


  9. asics581

    Hello everyone, my name is Tommy, I'm 25 years old. I want to apply for an admin role on the cs-source "Zombie Revival" server. I've been playing on EUfrag servers for a long time (early 2016 to be exact), I really like the servers and the time spent on them means a lot to me, it would be an honor for me to have such an important role on one of the servers. I would like to help the EUfrag server and community as much as possible. By the way I am autistic thank you for reading me have a nice day I am Autisme.
  10. Lmao Vanster is a little bitch that can't play Battlebit Remastered because its too hard.

  11. Calig

    Hey Warmiq, currently there's not much (or at all) activity on the server, there for there's no need for more admins. If the situation changes at some point and you happen to be around, will keep you in my mind. Thanks for your interest anyways
  12. Kiny

    Hello evryone my name is Koni im 18 years old. I would like to apply for admin role on cs-source server "Zombie Revival". I have been playing on EUfrag servers for long time, (starting of 2016 to be exact) i really like the servers and time spent on them means a lot to me,it would be an honor for me to have such an important role on one of the servers. I would love to help server and EUfrag community as much as i can. That is all from me cya!
  13. Welcome To My Profile 


    I am Youtuber + Gamer 


    My rank is 7 position and i love eufrag server Keep Fragging ^ ^


    My instagram user - pdy_anime you can talk to me there also


    You can join my discord server also i giveaway premium application accounts everymoth 


    here is my discord server link - https://discord.com/channels/1112589773744394240/1112594063082930257


    i am from india born in 25 oct 2009



  14. GiGaBiTe

    This is a ground up remake of zm_zmbrasil_v5fix to fix all of the horrible problems it had. The visuals in the map have been completely redone, the time of day has been adjusted to night and a custom skybox has been added. Lots of new places to go and hide, in addition to many new secret areas. The only major map layout change is that the "back" area where you needed to go through the hole high up in the wall and down a ladder has been removed. It was rarely used in normal gameplay, and the additions to the rest of the map have more than made up for it being removed. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a1lofw33ditwpca/zm_brasil_v6.zip/file
  15. hello legend you know me

    1. Legend


      Yep, hi!

  16. Happy Birthday Legend 🎉🎉

    1. Legend


      Thank you Leviii! 😇

  17. Life is sometimes worth living

  18. GiGaBiTe

    Here's a custom navmesh for zm_bruce_factory. The ladders in this map were made improperly, so I couldn't get the bots to use them. I used some ugly waypoint hacks to get the bots to use some of the secret teleporters to be able to get up on the roof on the middle building, and on the roof going around the map. They'll also try to get on some of the obstacles, and inside pipes. They probably won't have much success on obstacles due to the complex jumping, but they'll try. They should spend a lot less time pooling up under players on the ground. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5meriigjate3fvt/zm_bruce_factory.nav/file
  19. hello for all :)

    how to remambre

  20. Happy Birthday <3

  21. Happy New Year my lovely and beautiful friends!~

  22. Hello guys :)

    1. Calig


      Welcome! :pepeD:

  23. Calig

    Added to server, thanks again!
  24. Calig

    Didn't upload to server, as I didn't really want the server version differ from 'original'. I've uploaded the .nav file Thanks!
  25. GiGaBiTe

    Here's another nav mesh. Bots can now navigate 3 of the 4 levels in the map, versus just the bottom floor. They can also get up on most obstacles. Some are unreachable due to requiring complex jumping. The roof of the map is also unreachable for the same reasons. This isn't fixable without a map update. https://www.mediafire.com/file/10q4cokutrr7shp/zm_an_warehouse_redux_nav.zip/file
  26. GiGaBiTe

    If you already put the above version on the server, you can't go back to the original version or the situation you predict will happen. If you haven't uploaded this version, here's the nav file by itself. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6yxq5ufzcupyr83/zm_fubar_towers_v4_nav.zip/file The map will be missing the sounds for the rave room and the exit doors on map start, but they're not terribly important.
  27. Calig

    I wouldn't take the risk to require all the players go and remove the map file from their maps folder. Most of the players still wouldn't know what to do in this situation, as removing a map from from their maps folder. Could you consider renaming the map, or we could use the nav file to be downloaded seperately?
  28. Happy birthday! :HYPERS:

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