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  3. Hi jumper :    ) Nice to meet u me jai 🤗🤗🤗 

  4. Hi deez Nice to meet u me jai 🤗🤗🤗

  5. Hi Jay 👋👋👋 Nice to meet u >3

  6. Yo MS BABU its me JaiGaming :P

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  7. Bro are you from India?


    1. JaiGaming_ZR


      Ye I am Indian and i am 13 years old :p

    2. C R o X

      C R o X

      Ohh good to know as I am also an Indian ...what's your In-game name ?

    3. JaiGaming_ZR


      JaiGaming Nice to meet u 🤝

  8. bro stop putting chinese girls photo :HYPERS:

  9. SLaX

    Happy Birthday! :doge:

  10. Happy Birthday sms :FeelsOkayMan:

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  12. Didn't notice that i've been in this community for a year, nice.

    1. Calig


      Time flies fast :HYPERS:

  13. vlad left big impression on me :p


  14. Happy Birthday /\1o1ik_EBo1ik/\ 

  15. Happy Birthday :kermit:

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      Tnx tariq

  16. Happy Birthday Boiiii :FeelsOkayMan::HYPERS:

  17. Happy B-day Chin :kermit:

  18. happy 6/17 2022 

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    2. Nesicc12


      im not related with Amon Goeth

    3. C R o X

      C R o X

      I know it XD

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  19. Jumper :)

    Then I look forward to hearing from you and I will continue to stay Active on the servers and also on the forum.
  20. Deadview

    Currently there are no plans for expanding the admin team. We will keep your application in mind and might even approach you when the time comes. Thanks for applying!
  21. Maxemore

  22. Venom GT premium

    Я хотел бы стать администратором, на котором играю каждый день. Я знаю, что играю 1 год и 4 месяца, был админом 5 раз.Утвердил меня на должность главы администрации
  23. Jumper :)

    Hello eufrag members, My name is jim I'm 23 years young and I hereby apply as admin on the " Zombie Revival | Unlimited Ammo " server. I am aware that I do not play so long on this server but I know myself very well as an admin because I could gather years of experience I other clans / communities. I was active as HeadAdmin at: Blackbirds https://steamcommunity.com/groups/BLACKBIRDSCommunity Gamers of Germany / GoG https://gog-clan.com/ I was active as GameAdmin at: Gaming Biatch https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gaming-biatch NastyGaming.eu - I am still active since 2016: GunGame Elite https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gg-elite I would be very happy if I can help to keep the zombie server clean and protected from hackers/cheaters.
  24. Updates of June 1st 2022 Wow! It's been a really long time since we last posted server updates here on the forums. We never stopped updating the servers though! These updates applies to both CS:S Bunnyhop and CS:S Zombie Revival servers and in-game Store. Bunnyhop Style Ranking Multipliers Chat rank system has been reverted back to how it was in the server in 2016. You can change your chat-rank display using command !chatrank. View chat-ranks from its own topic HERE. Ranking system is made to focus on completions done on auto-bhop style, and we have accidentally ignored ranking multiplier on few specific styles. To balance the system and make the focus back to auto-bhop style, we will correct the styles ranking multipliers as follows: (This will be done at some point during June) New Features Sourcejump !wrsj - View global world records from Sourcejump's API !sjwr - View global world records from Sourcejump's API Styles Backwards, Low Gravity- & Sideways Segmented, Autostrafe Styles are currently unranked. They will be added to ranked in near future. Long Jump !lj, !ljstats - Enable LJ-Mode (You must be in !legit style to be able use ljstats) !ljtop - View LJ top records !ljwr - View LJ top records Miscanellous !speedometer - Dispaly your speed in center screen. !newmaps - We keep adding new maps actively. !paint - Allows you to paint on walls. We recently got connected to Sourcejump community, which means our server records are now connected with their global bhop records. Sourcejump is global bunnyhopping community in Counter-Strike: Source. Visit their website https://sourcejump.net. Zombie Revival Re-worked selection of Zombie and Human models. Public Classes Store Exclusive VIP Exclusive New maps zm_an_canals_classic_ef *EUFrag Exclusive only* zm_eaglecity_fourside_ef_v1 *EUFrag Exclusive only* zm_city_strike_v1 zm_day_ctec_b2_fix zm_firewall_samarkand zm_holdout_mountain_fixed zm_homebase_meow_v2_ep zm_little_city_rooftop2 zm_moocbble_chode_king_final zm_moonlight_v3 zm_roy_zombieranch_night_b4 zm_stab_bloodthirsty zm_tox1c_house3_hdr zm_velocity-b1a Store Update We have updated the policy of earning store credits in-game. Earning store credits is still based on your activity on the server. Regular Players = 2 credits in 5 minutes Members = 3 credits in 5 minutes VIPs = 4 credits in 5 minutes To get member role in-game use our Clan tag "EUFrag" or put [eF] in your in-game name to recieve member perks + extra credits. You may also register here on the forums to get your membership role cross the servers. Daily Credits Visit the server daily to earn free daily credits! Use in-game command !daily. Keeping your daily strike gives you more credits each day as follows: Day 1 = 5 Credits | Credits you earn on first day (start challange) Day 2 = 8 Credits | Credits you earn on second day in row Day 3 = 11 Credits | Credits you earn on third day in row Day 4 = 14 Credits | Credits you earn on fourth day in row Day 5 = 17 Credits | Credits you earn on fifth day in row Day 6 = 20 Credits | Credits you earn on sixth day in row Day 7 = 25 Credits | Credits you earn on seventh/last day (end challange) New & Removed/Replaced Items Total of 25 new hats, 6 new masks and 6 new wings has been added to the store. We have also removed/replaced some items from the store, and the credits has been fully refunded to their owners today 1.6.2022. Removed Items: KFCBuket, Santahat, Partyhat, Seusshat Replaced With New Model: Sombrero, Viking Helmet, Antlers, Top Hat Weapon paintball bullets: Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White & Yellow Mixed colors: Cyan & Green, Orange & Yellow, Black & White, Black & Yellow, Blue & Violet, Random Zombie Classes: Now available to purchase from store: Hunter, Spitter and Witch. Laser sights: In multiple colors (specified above) Trackers: New color Random Trails: Fire lines, Laser Trails, Swirl trails, all in multiple colors. New "Image" Trails: Smoke, Rainbow 2, Poggers, Nyan Cat, Kappa, KEKW, Colorfade, Australium and Member exclusive EUFrag Trail.
  25. Calig

    Human and Zombie Class selection updated 1st of June 2022
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