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  2. Happy birthday 

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  4. Happieee birthday :)

  5. Happy birthday, best wishes.



    Star Wars are for gay people

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  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch mein Lieber!

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  9. Sinagrida

    @SamsahMay you tell me the password thanks
  10. Samsah

    Logitech G700s (wireless). I like it how it feels an works, buttons enough, the weight. BUT Battery does not last 24h and it fucks up if (used wireless) with my Logitech G533 wireless headset. So it is basically always attached to USB port. These are actually my first Logitech gear ever, you'd think their gear have good compability together but apparently not.
  11. bapt

    fell in love with the ironclaw after reading this review and I ordered it, to my surprise this authority sites write accurate reviews that is why I trust them over youtubers biased opinions, A guy at youtube roasted this mouse while in reality it is amazing, here's the review that pointed me in the right direction!
  12. bapt

    im using steel series rival 310 the best imo keep it up guys thanks
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  14. Happy Birthday :D

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  16. Happy Birthday :D

  17. Welcome to the community :)

  18. Hexdex

    canned heat a change is gonna come
  19. Ahmed  Anes

    GOOD ! Sorry but im not intersted in those kind of mapping try to search another mappers in such forums
  20. its been forever from last time I've been here (years) BUT ...... yea but I'm remaking a map called nth_lets_take_mothers_take for CSGO.. I finished everything but the house and the underground also, I'm searching for a way to add the tank and make it work in CSGO and CSS if u want to help me that would be appreciated ill give the 1.6 BSP file the reason I'm remaking this map and not just decompiling it then recompiling for CSS and CSGO is i don't have the WAD file so no textures at all 1.6 bsp: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4nyp3bil7c4c2c1/nth_lets_take_mothers_tank.bsp/file
  21. Jungle


    Not as many logs as i expected, as far as i can see not a single 0.5 Dev, considering those logs are collected over a pretty long period of time. (thanks for including high gain logs, i take that as a compliment) How i develope my strafes i can easily show, but what non strafers want to see there is a mistery for me. As far as i know, something considered a Strafehack is not an optimizer, and i dont remember having tas like 99.9% gain strafe at all Anyway, without sounding too much of an asshole, could you please just talk with me on steam ?
  22. Calig


    2 Bans on servers that are shutdown (Bhop). 1 ban for Strafehack, 1 ban on other bhop server without reason given. 139 Lines in our anti-cheat log file about your strafes. Found topic about your unban in another community Link Watched your replay bot in one of the maps you have made WR, together with other admins/players. Mhhh?
  23. Rix :V


    hey,you got banned for cheating -anticheat- detected you and it was spamming in chat
  24. Jungle


  25. Name: Jungle ((ノ≧ڡ≦)) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:116629587 Server: [EUFrag.com] Bunnyhop | Ranks | Anticheat | 100T Admin: Calig I played casually on bhop_mixtape chillin, getting an okay time on it ".8 something", beating the SR by 0.01, said meme'ish "legendary" > calig responded "not so legendary" and i got perma banned immediately after without possible contact to Calig afterwards
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