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  4. I miss you all

  5. Happy B-Day:D

  6. Happy birthday! :pog:

  7. Happy B-Day:D

  8. Happy Birthday Gaylord :heart:

  9. Fouzy

    GTA V Premium is free on epic games store until 21 may !!!!!!! Enjoy!
  10. Happy Birthday <3

  11. :heart:Happy Birthday :heart:

    1. Rix :V

      Rix :V

      oh shit didnt notice ty :D 

  12. i passed the rank trained pjidhioqzhuioquiof

  13. CS:GO dev team on twitter has said it's not an issue because most of the stuff was already leaked.
  14. Do u know the wae to ur heart ?

    1. Calig


      tBbeNgM.png I know da wae

  15. Thx for that! Official voices are now talking about older versions of the codes. CS:GO TF2 let's see
  16. Happy Birthday! :kermit:

  17. Happy B-Day :wub:

    1. abdellatif


      thank you brother <3


  18. Happy B-Day :heart::)

  19. Happy birthday retarded i hope u die by corona <3


    1. Fouzy


      happy birthday my friend!!!!!!:heart:

  20. Happy happy birthday! :D

    1. Migza


      Thanks! :)

  21. Happy Birthday! :pog:

    1. DNRK


      Late answer, but thank you!

  22. Happy Birthday :FeelsGoodMan:

  23. noni smooti is a big boy now hb

  24. ok its fixed now somehow, you can lock the thread.
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