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  1. Harue

    Get good, get unmuted, also not very relevant to this topic..
  2. Today was a day of silence/depression

    1. Yabba


      I get the feeling.

  3. Harue

    Why such attitude towards Discord?
  4. Harue

    Since alot people use recent time discord, and it's easier to make and connect for strangers to it. Why isn't Cs-frag using it aswell? I could help to setup a discord for you guys
  5. Happy birthday


    1. Deadview


      I express my thankfulness :kermit:

  6. Harue

    Skins? We need Hentai skins. Yes, or atleast something which makes us stand apart of the other servers. #Totally didn't edit this reply
  7. I've just seen Brimstone, it's a pretty horrible story. Please do not watch this movie it's traumatising.

  8. Harue

    Unless you get tempered glass with mulltiple dust filters on your case, then it's twice a month.
  9. To be honest I don't mind the name change unless it's promoting something like a movie or fandom.. Still it could get confussed for people who aren't known to the forums, it could lead to misconception. *cough* vanster kys
  10. Harue

    Disappointed to see people preferring AMD, but this is even worse! (The dust) For the rest, nice upgrade.
  11. Harue

    We're still waiting, if denial we'll nominate to add a Startrek map. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Harue

    @FloriaNNN. Why u drew me like @SnoWolf.
  13. Go wild and roast me, by only using this picture.
  14. Happy late bday!


    1. Vanster


      just readed it now. fuck off xD

  16. Harue

    Deagle headshot only cause there are only 6 of them with in csgo in the meanwhile only 2 active on daily basis. If not I'll chose for zombie escape.
  17. Harue

    Make something which teleports people to 3diffrent mazes every round at the start, which later on would send them to one final map to continue the story. Special abilities would be nice like in Harry potter map Overall pick a theme of a movie? ????
  18. The moment when eggs are dangerous

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    2. Maxemore


      Eggs are ALWAYS dangerous.

    3. XXExodus


      You choked on eggs? I mean really Harue?... really?

    4. Harue


      Yeah I baked a egg like it's little bit juicy the yellow part, when I've started eating.
      Everything used to be fine till I really started to choke into it.

  19. Harue

    Harue : STFU Vanster : oke n***
  20. Harue

    If you ever felt sad, for a costumer we had to test if some computer's could run Minecraft and Skype properly together.. Weird enough for a big majority of people 1080p is a luxery.
  21. Happy bday!

    1. Vanster


      Its not my birthday fag

  22. Harue

    Donald trump doesn't seem bad, since all elections before Barack obama we're most of the time being sponsored by big companies that didn't wanted a "that kind of person" ruling them country. Donald trump had enough for his own campain, but got sponsered by people that wanted a change. Unlike Hillary clinton the one who already was into the presidential stuff, kept going towards big companies just to earn enough money for her campain. Still shots after shots trying to tear down her opponents, which the people didn't like that much cause of her own past what is more concerning. The fear at this election was most part by Hillary clinton which as you may heard is a cold-blooded war veteran (voted apon going into war with Iran) & removed potential emails which could lead her into worse scenario's during the election year. The fear with Donald Trump, was just by racist-terms through his speeches, and things that were said in the past. still not that bad as his main opponent. If you have to be honest, most progressive achieved was by Barack obama if you compare them to the rest of presidents of the past.
  23. Iiyama GE2488HS seems like a good monitor with some tweaking in the settings, atleast you can see true collours which doesn't appear on all monitors. For the rest I have mispurchased my cable, so lost around 20 euro and have to wait now around till next weekend for them delivered..

    1. Harue


      Good? I got already 1death pixel after one day of use..


    2. Uchiha Desu

      Uchiha Desu

      lel i think it's too expensive

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