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  1. Happy Birthday Gaylord :heart:

  2. Habby Birday bish <3

  3. Although this had to be done 3 years ago. BUTT ! Now that CSGO is free, former CSS non-steam members have the chance to join us in a legal way for once in their life. Also the fact that many players will join us from the CSGO community itself which is nice to be seen (Hopefully). So yes, with the current flow of changes. Moving from CSS to CSGO is a very positive move which at least will be our last try in reviving this community back at together again! Mini P.S. :: Make the retake 3v3!
  4. Black Friday Event Starts at 05:00 PM (GMT)
  5. Black Friday is just few days ahead of us and obviously, a mini-event is on its way! Football(CSS) and Paintball(CSGO) Stay tuned for further details! (It will be on Friday most probably) and Don't forget to inform your friends! Let's celebrate BLACK FRIDAY!!! P.S. :: I'll be the host, just like good old days, there's nothing better than a chaotic cancerous event from me on a chaotic cancerous Friday!
  6. Happy birthday champ! :partypopper:

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      Thank you so much bro :heart::kappa:

  10. Happy Birthday :)


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