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  1. RixXxxx my loove is there x°)

  2. Happy Birthday <3

  3. :heart:Happy Birthday :heart:

    1. Rix :V

      Rix :V

      oh shit didnt notice ty :D 

  4. late congratulations rix

  5. Amy

    Happieeee bday Rix :cheerful:

  6. Happy B'Day! :kermit:

    1. Rix :V

      Rix :V

      Arigato :kappa:

  7. Happy Birthday, my lil miss sunshine :P:heart::D

    1. Rix :V

      Rix :V

      thank you amigo :sideways:

  8. Happy B-day dude! :kappa:

  9. Rix :V

    damn, it will take hours to read that
  10. Rix :V

    ohooo good job! its looks good , keep it up , if you need some ideas or help then i'm here, add me on steam if you want
  11. Rix :V

    oh boiii!!!! this is big news!!! It's the first time i've seen a gamer get married, this is gives us some hope congratulations on your wedding! wishing you lots of love and happiness
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