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  1. Rix :V


    hey,you got banned for cheating -anticheat- detected you and it was spamming in chat
  2. late congratulations rix

  3. Happieeee bday Rix :cheerful:

  4. Happy B'Day! :kermit:

    1. Rix :V

      Rix :V

      Arigato :kappa:

  5. Happy Birthday, my lil miss sunshine :P:heart::D

    1. Rix :V

      Rix :V

      thank you amigo :sideways:

  6. Happy B-day dude! :kappa:

  7. Rix :V

    damn, it will take hours to read that
  8. Rix :V

    ohooo good job! its looks good , keep it up , if you need some ideas or help then i'm here, add me on steam if you want
  9. Rix :V

    oh boiii!!!! this is big news!!! It's the first time i've seen a gamer get married, this is gives us some hope congratulations on your wedding! wishing you lots of love and happiness
  10. Rix :V

    The highest ping is about 300-350 as max which is from the east like Australia and Asia so if someone has + 350 Ping must have a problem with his net (lag) and should be kicked for it but like saxi said we dont have enough players. so let players enjoy the game
  11. Rix :V

    US-East (Virginia)135 ms US East (Ohio)145 ms US-West (California)202 ms US-West (Oregon)212 ms Canada (Central)153 ms Europe (Ireland)89 ms Europe (London)83 ms Europe (Frankfurt)66 ms Europe (Paris)53 ms Asia Pacific (Mumbai)168 ms Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)313 ms Asia Pacific (Seoul)332 ms Asia Pacific (Singapore)281 ms Asia Pacific (Sydney)347 ms Asia Pacific (Tokyo)317 ms South America (São Paulo)305 ms China (Beijing)323 ms China (Ningxia)333 ms AWS GovCloud (US)227 ms
  12. Rix :V


    Hello. Well, there's a plugin on the server called easyhop and its allowed you to bhop without losing speed so you can do 90% perfect jumps + 5% higher jumps too and of course with scroll mouse and btw.. there's no other admins on the server except me and the owners, who is the admin you saw joined?
  13. Hello, Would you be my friend