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  10. pimpmyname

    Lack of evidences=no action will be taken. Please provide more evidences.
  11. pimpmyname


    Why did you even write this, if you dont have evidences etc? You clearly dont take admin abuseing category that serious.. Your in-game name: Your Steam ID: Admin name and Steam ID: In which server it happened: Time of incident (include time-zone): Your side of the story: Demo/Video evidence:
  12. Try speak/write russian to him, (Google Translate) easy peasy Topic closed & solved
  13. pimpmyname

    1 .After i watched also the whole video, your sounds really bugs 2. And i have no idea if Patan really shot the barricade on purpose, clearly the first time he shot at the zombie, that was in the soda prop 3. When u said "im gonna report ur ****", your barricade felt, and he didnt shoot at it 4. Use demo(use record demoname in console)