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  1. Leda

  2. Leda

    I watched some youtube videos for like 10-15 min but I couldn't really feel the crazy 'hype' that everyone's talking about
  3. Leda

    Is Apex Legends worth buying and playing it? Anyone can comment other than Vanster + Snowolf.
  4. Leda

    After all these years I finally get to see your pretty face :FeelsAmazingMan:

    1. DeMoN


      Finally my slavic face is revealed :PepeLaugh:

    2. Leda


      Yes! Now I go report :devil:

    3. -<SAXI>-


      Pretty? :PogChamp:

  5. Leda

    Great update guys! I swear Calig will marry Butcher someday (if he's alive)
  6. Leda

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Leda

    Congrats man! Wishing all the best to your wonderful new family!
  8. Can definitely make it for Saturday event!
  9. Leda

    I just saw this!!! Congrats man!!!! Wish you all the best to your new family and other future endeavours!
  10. Happy Birthday buddy! Sorry for the belated message :)

  11. Leda

    I usually don't get involved with these kind of stuff put I'm 0.1% away from clicking that 'delete post' button! I mean.... this is way too cringy.... I think this should be removed and reposted somewhere in planet Uranus! Even @VaNsTeR's background picure looks better than yours @SnoWolf!!!! XDDD
  12. Leda

    Happy Birthday buddy!

  13. Happy Birthday! 

  14. Leda

    Happy Birthday bud :D

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