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  1. --GHOST--

    Cant Wait to Hear your voice after 2 years god Dammit I wish you success Study well and then Come back to us !! and dont forget to buy those hookers which you promised me!! Good luck And Good Bye Love!!
  2. --GHOST--

    All you need to Do is Type "How to bhop in css" in Google and learn it in few days or Learn how to Beat the Bhopers : Whenever You are defending Throw nades in front of zombie not behind them to boost them and also you can Shoot them Back if you noticed, when you see them they are getting speed shoot them and push them back ( i saw that moment when the guy is getting speed must of ppl will run away ) and the thing goes ........ Css is a Dead game there are few funny stuff which make players play this game, one of them is bhop (if you cant do bhop and you are getting killed by Flying Zombies that's true it's not fun try to find a way to beat them and laugh at them) There is one thing which is more powerful than your weapon IT's Called Brain Note: i'm not pro bhoper and i play Ze sometimes, i'm ZM player but Bhopers in ZM are annoying so much !!!
  3. Happy Birthday:partypopper::balloon:, It's late But still, Enjoy it ;)

  4. Happy B-Day Mate !! ;)

  5. Happy B-day Mate Enjoy it!!;)

  6. HAPPY B-Day !!!! ;):partypopper:

  7. --GHOST--

    No Thx for Me !?
  8. --GHOST--

    just Copy The link of your pic then Go to the Insert Other media/insert image from URL then put the link there !!
  9. --GHOST--

    How is it @agenthottyshot ??
  10. Happy B Day !!! Enjoy it ;)

  11. --GHOST--

    I want his Pornhub Account That's Why I'm voting for ARK @Calig
  12. --GHOST--

    yes i played it before And i Know What is ZOMBIE REVIVAL @Lenny
  13. --GHOST--

    Yeah vote for ark
  14. --GHOST--

    For Name 1+ but idea 1-
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