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  1. vinto

    a fucking razer naga hex with a softwar that work at 50% so i can't use all his fonction :feelsbadman: http://assets.razerzone.com/eeimages/products/12/razer-naga-hex-gallery-1__store_gallery.png
  2. vinto

    heil to cs frag This server is doing good, even with CSS dying :). Continu like this guys, maybe just play more diferents map (new nomlist?) and win more on hard maps
  3. Happy B'Day :)

  4. Happy Birthday ;)

  5. vinto

    DS Slender Peace
  6. vinto

    For me definitly fapescape :doge: and morrowind oblivion Skyrim Maybe parker pit, the choice is hard
  7. vinto

    biocock and puta :kappa: sounds nice
  8. vinto

    Italian escape? wtf i dont know this map ^^' venice like? Also Vanster u dont vote for star wars u're not a true force sensitive :doge:
  9. vinto

    Nice programation :kappa: DS + Castle + fap
  10. vinto

    Mine is in july :silly: :angel: :doge:
  11. If you drink vodka u make honnor to russia. If you drink coca cola u are for fuckin america ! Cyka cyka cyka blyat cyka cyka cyka blyat

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    2. VLAN T.

      VLAN T.

      Is Pepsi counted as US?

    3. vinto


      Pepsi / cola country : United States. So yea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. FloriaNNN.


      If not I will show the song, did not know it

  12. vinto

    A quick post to add the following thing : A training video from another guy on LMS, all stages exept 2 it's missing. If you want to make an idea of this ultra epic map (but a little gliched) Stage 1 : Stage 3 : Stage 4 : Stage 5 : As you can see it has multiples things to to in the map to achieve it + a really team work (when others are defending, some players have to stay triggering and tell other when it's open because no console alert) There is some items and vehicles to control (apache, tank, exosqueleton, soldiers to place on battleground (stage 5 video). Boss is really epic, and the end too + http://zombieescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ze_Last_Man_Standing Enjoy
  13. vinto

    because lennyfag unit + vanster + dark side = darth lenyvanster (((◥▶ ͜ʖ◀◤)))
  14. vinto

    Haha np i was joking Elain Green please !
  15. vinto

    k dat darth lennyvanster :kappa:
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