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  1. Happy Birthday :balloon:

  2. Happy Birthday :balloon:

  3. Happy Birthday bro :balloon:

  4. Happy Birthday :balloon:

    1. BLaCk-Bill


      thank u master shredder :D

  5. shredder

    looking forward to the event(s), nice map choice. i just hope that we'll have enough players around, so invite your friends and family (maybe grandpa wants some ze too ). i also like the idea to give the winners some reward for their efforts. i'll try to be there, overdefending as usual
  6. shredder

    @BLaCk-Bill surprise m*********** . still, thanks for trying to keep the server clean
  7. Happy B'day:balloon:

    1. Hichem


      Thank you shredder <3

  8. shredder

    Well, that’s a pretty precarious topic. Funny thing you posted this today, I also thought a lot about this during the last few days/weeks. Concerning ZE: I guess most of us agree that CSS-ZE is much more enjoyable than CSGO-ZE and our ZE community is based on our CSS server. But as Vanster already mentioned, CSS lost many players during the last years and the population is still decreasing. Having that in mind, I think we have to create some kind of alternative for the future. If we would have a CSGO server right now (next to our CSS server), I assume that some players would be torn between those two, leading to a low population on both of them. Additionally some players just don't like or don't have CSGO, so they won't join either. Consequently we would have to acquire way more players to fill the servers. Another point to think of are the competitors we would have on CSGO. We have them right now on CSS as well, which doesn’t make our lives easier, but because of EUFrag’s past, our great community and the fact that we are a nosteam server, we had a decent server population throughout the time. In CSGO on the other hand, there are not too much well-frequented servers that ensure a decent gaming experience at the same time (all within the boundaries of CSGO of course ). It’s hard to anticipate what could be if we had a server right now, but looking at the situation, it probably would be hard for us to compete with the ones already established. There is a reason why a lot of other CSS communities intentionally decided not to create a CSGO server or they switched to CSGO completly, leaving CSS behind. If you ask me, we should concentrate more on the CSS server we have right now. Watching the current server population brings tears to my eyes . I hope that it will recover by itself, but it feels like we reached a point where we have to take actions and try to change sth. If the server keeps on losing active players, we will also lose the foundation to create additional ones. IMO, the first step should be an extension of the current nomlist/mapcycle. We got to give the players more stimuli to join and the maps are a big part of that. I know that this isn't the reinvention of the wheel, the "map topic" has been discussed a lot in the past and I don’t want to annoy anybody with it (especially our beloved owners, who make all of this possible ) but I really think it’s about time that we react. It's worth a shot ! So like I said, I strongly believe that our community favors CSS-ZE to CSGO-ZE and thus we should reinforce the precious server we have e.g. like I mentioned above. When the time comes we'll still have the opportunity to switch to CSGO altogether, leaving CSS behind for good. Having both servers at the same time doesn't seem to be a good idea. Damn, I gotta learn how to keep it brief Thanks for reading and keep on sharing your ideas
  9. Happy Bday:partypopper:

    1. ParadOx


      I appreciate that thank's <3

  10. shredder

    Can someone close this pls ? Off-topic and I feel like being in pre-school again. Peace love and harmony
  11. shredder

    Thx for the report Demon. Unfortunately there is not much we can do right now. In such cases it is better if you call an admin immediately, so we can take care of the situation right away. Only thing I could do now is banning him, but that would be way too excessive imo. I will warn him the next time I see him online. For the future, don't hesitate to contact us directly via forum or steam. greetz
  12. Belated Happy Birthday ! :partypopper:

    1. SYED


      Belated Thanks :P 

  13. shredder

    Okay, I'll explain it here again (you may also see chatbox). I spectated you while you were avoiding death repeatedly on several maps (not only 2 times) by typing !spec in chat or rejoining. Additionally, you were rejoining as zm quite often. All that wouldn't be such a big deal if it was for the first time, but I warned you several times before, you got reported just a few days ago and you already have been banned 3 times, mainly for the same reasons. By now you should know that this behaviour will not be tolerated. From what I understand, your main problem is the banlength here (correct me if I'm wrong). But due to your previous bans, I see no other option. If the previous bans didn't help changing your attitude, why should I decrease the banlength now ?? Anyways, I'll let the decision to the staff, but I highly suggest to keep the ban(length).
  14. shredder

    @abody Don't worry bro, I'm glad you did. I don't know how often I told him to stop it, but as soon as no visible admin is online and/or the player count is low, he goes apeshit with this reconnecting. Next time I see him, I'll talk to him again.
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