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    Everyone knows that a mouse is essential for a good game play. What is your current gaming mouse, and what is the reason of your choice? Mine is Razer Taipan 8200 dpi 4G sensor (the reason Im using it is quite simple. My old Deathadder served me well for 4 years, and finding myself used to razer mouses especially when Razer Synapse came out, I stopped my choice over Taipan. It has ambidextrous form, which I simply adore.)
  2. XXExodus

    This is probably the most ridiculous and yet funny thing I've ever read in my life. Why would you think Valve never intended the bhopping on their game? Its something which even the devs pointed out during late 2003. I remember reading something like that. bhopping is part of Counter-Strike since its release. Its there, even in CS:GO. Its not even banned from the competitive scene. Jokes aside, if you really think bhopping is an unfair advantage over people who can't do it, well you kinda have a point there, but hey life is not fair in most of the times. CS-Frag has bhop disabled, furthermore your complain is absolutely ridiculous. Bhoppers cant benefit that much. If you try to join another ZE server, you'll notice what im talking about.
  3. Good to hear this, it was a discussion I remember going since maybe a year. Im glad you guys finally managed to do it. Like @Calig said, its not even worth it. About the people commenting that "rip us non steamers", what Calig and the administration team are trying to tell you is that: YES, THE PROMOTION of the server is over, which means it will no longer appear on your "favorites" tab (CS:S non steam clients) you will have to add it there yourself and join the server from there. This does NOT mean that non-steam clients will no longer be eligible to join the server. Read carefully next time.
  4. Nice template, herr Calig. I will try to make it on time for the zombie tower + nemesis. Sounds fun. Also, happy anniversary cs-frag.
  5. XXExodus

    You do realize that Noctali's map has all of this included? You basically re-did the Mako v6 bridge part and it is poorly made. Ill pass
  6. XXExodus

    @Uchiha Desu type the following commands into your console : r_decals 2048 mp_decals 2048 cl_playerspraydisable 0 r_spray_lifetime 2 decalfrequency 10 cl_allowdownload 1 cl_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 sv_allowupload 1
  7. XXExodus

    He is a toxic player, I know this. But if you want me to punish him, please give me some proof. I am not gonna waste an hour searching in IsmaelF's chat history ( I could, and probably will find enough evidence to gag him, but I need players to learn, that if you make a report thread YOU need proofs!)
  8. XXExodus

    Poll is up here
  9. XXExodus

    First, I would like to say that we appreciate the time you took in making this thread. I was informed about this case, but I never actually heard your point of view on this matter. After reading this + the pictures you gave to us from gameME, I would like to say that one thing is sure - @Calig @Tariq @Leda will definitely investigate this case further, and IF needed Jamnass and the Staff will have a good conversation about this. P.S. If we only had a demo recorder
  10. XXExodus

    Or... We should make a vote poll, and our players will decide. I can deal with the poll @Calig
  11. XXExodus

    Zombie Escape would be the best chance for us, also with Surf Timer. Anything else would be a waste of resources in my opinion. And another think I would like to mention @Calig. Why dont we try Gmod Zombie Survival server?
  12. XXExodus


    Vanster meant, a demo recorder, not a SourceTV like broadcasting. And I totally agree, having demos of every map, safely stored is something many communities have. @Calig
  13. XXExodus


    Only admins comment on this thread, read the rules. Locking the topic and deleting non admin posts.
  14. XXExodus


    I dont think this attitude will get you unbanned. And to be honest, We might restrict you from posting here. Next time follow the correct unban appeal form, and stick to more polite language. Our players have undoubtable proof for your actions. P.S. After my warning about me restricting you, the troll just kept happening. I mean dont you have any regrets? or atleast a tiny bit of respect for the server rules. I gave you second chance by unbanning you, and you go straight to ze and continue your shit like its noting. If it was me, I would go much much more than 1 month, so you should be thankful to @Vanster not reporting him for abuse. So toxic you're....
  15. XXExodus

    Either ways, pimp is not the right admin to determine who should get ban and who won't. A ZE admin should.
  16. XXExodus

    He will be restricted for 1 month. We do not ban people for trolling, there is an eban option.
  17. XXExodus

    For me, the best mod in cs 1.6 was Hide'n'Seek. Thats where I got all my skills. Hide and Seek made the player I am today. I will love this mod till the day I die. Would be happy to see a HNS server, but tbh, we should focus our resources to CS:GO.
  18. Happy B-day to one of my best friends in this game @AET-Vid! Have a good one bro!

  19. XXExodus

    @VaNsTeR share a download link. Thanks
  20. XXExodus

    Finally ill change the logo with new one. Geri = PS GOD
  21. XXExodus

    hahahaha, seems like only I can understand your sarcasm.
  22. XXExodus

    I thought you had a large-breasts chick on your desktop.... You disappoint me Altair..
  23. Happy B-day Mein Führer Caligler! Wish you all the best bro!

    1. Hichem


      Happy happy Caliggi :partypopper:

  24. Dear CS-Frag players, the administration team is proud to present you our first and massively fun *CHRISTMAS ZOMBIE ESCAPE EVENT* Saturday : ze_christmas_infection_v2_3 Sunday : ze_santassination_css2 1. When? 17th of December (Saturday) and 18th of December (Sunday). Each one of the events will start at 6pm CET ( Central European Time) also a countdown will be enabled on forums + steam group. 2. Server : CS-Frag Zombie Escape. 3. Duration : Around 2 hours or until we beat all the maps. May be extended if the players wish. 4. Rules : -Absolutely no griefing of any kind, offenders will be punished accordingly for the duration of the event at least. -Voice chat should be mostly relevant to the game, do not disrupt the leadership. -Of course, general server rules apply. 5. Leaders : Exodus and Vanster (I am free to add more leaders, if you pm me on forums or steam) 6. Rewards : 3 weeks of VIP status on all our servers. (VIP will be given only to those who WIN the map, or beat the last stage played- if we give up.) DOWNLOAD Link for christmas infection. DOWNLOAD Link for santassination. If you have any question or comments you can leave them here or tell me directly through steam. Good luck and most importantly, have fun! - CS-Frag Administration team wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!