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What is your current gaming mouse?

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Everyone knows that a mouse is essential for a good game play.

What is your current gaming mouse, and what is the reason of your choice?


Mine is Razer Taipan 8200 dpi 4G sensor (the reason Im using it is quite simple. My old Deathadder served me well for 4 years, and finding myself used to razer mouses especially when Razer Synapse came out, I stopped my choice over Taipan. It has ambidextrous form, which I simply adore.)



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I got my other "gaming" mouses at my house but I don't have them at my fiance's apartment so here we go:




Yep, this is my legit mouse that I'm using this time :D

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I have a Microsoft one. It's so good, it double clicks... ALWAYS. EVEN IF YOU INTEND TO CLICK ONCE.



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mine is a Polar Precis USB Laser Mouse - Red hytac mouse its not the best but it is not the worst (not gaming mouse maybe a laptop mouse)

and my keyboard is kb-2971 (not even a usb type keyboard) 

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