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  1. Here is the list: Bhop_at_night Bhop_eazy bhop_eazy_v2 bhop_noobhop_exg There may be more, but that's all i know. Edit: Theres also Bhop_pims_cwfx
  2. Emilx13

    +1 Surf timer servers are rare and Cs-Frag should have one. It's really fun.
  3. Emilx13

    Woah, Thats really good!
  4. Emilx13

    CS:GO, Black ops III, Black ops II, Overwatch.
  5. Emilx13

    I got pissed cause 1. He acted all high and mighty and didn't respect me and 2. He banned me from shoutbox.
  6. Emilx13

    Your in-game name:Emilx Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:721365776 Admin name and Steam ID: XXExodus / Ideekay. ID: STEAM_0:1:19765234 In which server it happened:Bhop (happened on forums too.) Time of incident (include time-zone):about 5:00 PM +03:00 GMT Your side of the story:Basically, i wanted to play some css. connected to bhop. Bhopped for a bit, then i saw XXExodus there making some longjumps. I spectated him and told him, ''Your strafes don't look legit'' Now, i meant that as an compliment, cause of course he is a head-admin. But then, he told me ''Don't talk to me like that'', (after that i got fucking mad, cause i dont give a fuck if he is a head-admin or not, i dont want him to say shit like that, and act all high and mighty.)And got defensive. He had a grammar mistake, so i corrected him and then nothing really happened. I went onto forums later that day (it was today) and saw him post shit about me on shoutbox, so i replied and then he talked shit about my strafes. I didn't really give a fuck about my strafes so i replied with ''Why does it matter'' Then he told me ''When you grow up you'll understand.'' I told him i won't play css when i grow up. and then he banned from shoutbox. I'm not really sure Demo/Video evidence:Check the shoutbox. got banned after that ^^ I bet all the azure_eclipse members will defend him and talk shit, but i dont really care.
  7. Emilx13

    My best is 254 LJ on bhop ._.
  8. Emilx13

    I watch Filthy Frank, Shorbie, Leafyishere, Pyrocynical, NFKRZ, h3h3, PewDiePie (Not that much), GradeAUnderA, Colossal is Crazy.
  9. Emilx13

    An iPhone 4 8 GB Black
  10. Emilx13

    Not sure. I'll try to search for it.
  11. Emilx13

    So, i want to suggest a new /style in the Bhop server called Tool assisted style (TAS) With this style, it will be possible to perfect runs with a timescale, a autostrafer, a rewind, and a pause to stop time. This style will have these things. I've seen alot of runs with this style on youtube. 1. A pause. With the pause u can pause the time to Either perfect your run or stop it to do something. 2. A rewind. With rewind, you can rewind the time to earlier, so, if you fail a jump, you can rewind the run to correct the jump. 3. Rewind speed. With rewind speed you can change the speed to how fast you want to rewind. (1.0x - Original speed, 0.5x - 2 times slower rewind, 0.25x - 4 times slower rewind.) 4.A timescale. With the timescale, you can slow down the time to be more precise in runs. there will be 3 timescales. 1.0x - original server speed. 0.5x - 2 times slower speed. 0.25x - 4 times slower timescale speed. 5. An autostrafer. With the autostrafer, you can basically set a bind, which will strafe and give you the max speed possible, for example, bind "r" +strafer. http://prntscr.com/beuh9q Here you can see how the menu looks.
  12. Emilx13

    Im using a crappy Trust GXT 23 With no mousepad ._.
  13. Emilx13

    Calig posted on a post long ago, that you're not permitted to post anything on a report if you're not an admin or you're not involved in it.
  14. Emilx13

    I didn't know people who are not admins and are not involved are allowed to post here?
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