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  1. Happy Birthday :D

  2. Happy  B-day 

  3. Happy Birthday :partypopper:

  4. Happy Birthday :balloon:

  5. happy birthday :)

  6. VLAN T.

    I got my other "gaming" mouses at my house but I don't have them at my fiance's apartment so here we go: Yep, this is my legit mouse that I'm using this time
  7. VLAN T.

    That's awesome
  8. VLAN T.

    I sworn myself by secrecy, and also my identity is confidential. :v PS. SJVYEMHM JQCIRDFF FD PKGCDZ, QCLJJTOXQ IHELGVM 101110100011101 11000010110101011011 1010100111110 - Vlan
  9. VLAN T.

    Need DL link of Destruction of Exowrath 7_1 please?
  10. VLAN T.

    DL link of Destruction of exowrath please?
  11. VLAN T.

    I have 4 IGNs: > 将軍 (Shogun) > Puri-puri <3 > _Logical_ > Vlan Tross (Present) 将軍 (Shogun/General) This nick name when I entered the world of online games and social media. When I came up this ign since 12 years from various Japanese online games and the origin is not planed as I expected, just randomly picked that. Puri-puri <3 After 3 years, I decide to change my ign for a new forum that I joined, this ign sounds very funny in different perspective, and I joined foreign communities just for killing my boredom. Just for the lols. _Logical_ When I stumble CS:S for the first time so I decided for a cool foreign nick name. Good old days, It's kind of nostalgic to hear that nick name again. It has good memories. And that time that I decide to be a modder which I only make weapon skins, and turns out fine. I joined a Russian modding community which it is nowhere to be found today. I met some Russian players and make friends. One of the nicest Russian players I met, quite rare today*. They mentioned me that they want to make my Russian like ign, and so I came this name called------- Vlan Tross (Present) Long story short, 4 years spending on a Russian modding community and I came up this ign for a successful community and carve it to a monolith of that community. "Vlan" has a story, which I call it "successful" which I just defined it that way. And "usefulness" which the modding community defined not me. And today still using that ign because It has good memories that delights me the most.
  12. VLAN T.

    I'll be ready, hope I'm not tired at work, probably I will. :v
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