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  1. Happy Birthday :D

  2. Happy  B-day 

  3. Happy Birthday :partypopper:

  4. Happy Birthday :balloon:

  5. happy birthday :)

  6. VLAN T.

    Ban Hammer strikes again!
  7. VLAN T.

    I do noticed that Arabian King KILLER insist with knife battles only and he rage if itsn't.
  8. VLAN T.

    I got my other "gaming" mouses at my house but I don't have them at my fiance's apartment so here we go: Yep, this is my legit mouse that I'm using this time
  9. VLAN T.

    That's awesome
  10. VLAN T.

    Why not a second chance? If Reed did not meant to, then he will not do that ever again. And this is last chance to play with us, hopefully he'll learn his mistakes. I vote for a second chance because all of us have a second chances.
  11. VLAN T.

    I also want to see it personally.
  12. VLAN T.

    That guy's nuts, though I survived.
  13. VLAN T.

    I sworn myself by secrecy, and also my identity is confidential. :v PS. SJVYEMHM JQCIRDFF FD PKGCDZ, QCLJJTOXQ IHELGVM 101110100011101 11000010110101011011 1010100111110 - Vlan
  14. VLAN T.

    Need DL link of Destruction of Exowrath 7_1 please?
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