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  1. Abhishek (tyson)

    Hahaha , mousepad size is bigger than my display
  2. Abhishek (tyson)

    Finally got new desk, its not that big but better than previous would like to see yours to modify mine http://imgur.com/a/7BUfd http://imgur.com/a/zw8Tr
  3. Abhishek (tyson)

    Now have Steelseries rival 300 Fade csgo edition , Logitech G402 and Cooler Master devastator (shit aF tbh)
  4. Finally Ordered i7 6700, can't wait for it  

  5. Abhishek (tyson)

    We need block feature Just can't see that lame conversation EDIT- just realised I commented on report a player section, Unable to delete this comment ;-;
  6. Abhishek (tyson)

    u mean a all in one training map? I guess there are some maps for boss fight but u can always create server with bots and with commands try it , u just need to give some time to develop your skill
  7. Abhishek (tyson)

    i have no idea tbh , just that i want to run games at decent playable fps
  8. Abhishek (tyson)

    ya he gave me 1060 , not 1080 ;-;
  9. I was thinking to build a PC for normal 1080p gaming and video editing too, parts i decided till now i7 6700 ( non K version not interested in OCing ) gigabyte g1 gaming 1060 6GB ddr5 16 GB DDR4 ram b150 motherboard 120 GB SSD 1 TB HDD 600W power supply costing around 1000 USD any suggestions for change? i never assembled PC before so its my first time
  10. Abhishek (tyson)

    1- no one invites me in clan I cry 2- Recently there was MG event , I hope to see such events more frequently +1
  11. http://imgur.com/XGf2NEg finally got my 2 fav games <3
    1. Harue


      Weeaboo confirmed?

    2. Abhishek (tyson)

      Abhishek (tyson)

      Nah :3

      Those are only anime I saw till now

  12. Abhishek (tyson)

    i like open world games more then anything else specially when there is easter eggs . GTA 5 and other series , just cause 3,2, Far cry 3 and 4 etc also i played csgo for 2000+ hours so maybe that too
  13. Abhishek (tyson)

    Yes I agree with u, In csgo on 128 tick those commands ( update rate 128, rate 128000 ) Really helps in reducing loss and chokes
  14. Almoat got heart attack again by Spider skin, this shit is scarier than conjuring 2

    1. ACE


      i hvnt seen conjuring 2 and i wont ...dat shit scary

  15. Abhishek (tyson)

    add tons of secrets in it and tell me in pm :kappa:
  16. Abhishek (tyson)

    Good maps , it's like I wanna play almost all of them
  17. Abhishek (tyson)

    His legendary dragon lore trade ups recently were GG
  18. Abhishek (tyson)

    Who is mojo ? 2/3killsphilip Pewdiepie TrilluXe ( for some boost spots / bug for csgo ) Kwebblekop sometimes for gta5 Thewarowl ( I jumped from nova to master guardian by watching every shut of his ) Etc Also sometimes I like McSkillet as I was trader too
  19. Abhishek (tyson)

    I am only one who never saw my distance of jump O.o I can't even imagine how much is 269 units . but how to check our jump distance ?
  20. Abhishek (tyson)

    Nexus 5 , bought it 3 years back old aF
  21. Abhishek (tyson)

    Russia xD
  22. Finally raining here , monsoon <3 now RIP stable internet

  23. Happy Birthday my one of oldest here and most noob friend GERI

    1. Geri


      Thanks noob!

    2. Abhishek (tyson)

      Abhishek (tyson)

      Where is my party ?

    3. FloriaNNN.


      in toualete .

  24. Abhishek (tyson)

    Since when mouse looks like that O.o
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