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    I'm not involved anymore then the fact that Gabriela involved me trough PM's, i don't really have an opinion on the matter but I find it relevant to express that i find that neither BozZ or Gabriela is suited to be admins on the server. Gabriela's way of behaving is to some a tad extreme, but she is young, new and probably used to being treated like crap by "awesome" boys. Her behavior and attitude combined with her age makes her unsuitable for an admin position. BUT! The way this was reported and handled by a 25 year old, long-time-standing-gamer, is just as bad as how Gabriela acted in the first place. If you take the age difference into consideration, much worse. The lack of basic English skills amongst the players might cause some mis-understanding or confusions on my end, but if i ran and operated this server, none of them would ever see a future beyound VIP / Regular member. This is a personal fight / thing between two specific players that obviously dont like each other. It's really not a public matter. Just my two cents.
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