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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Bogdan

    my ears this is not art this is hell
  3. Bogdan

    spain because they have the best lineup ever :PogChamp: Casillas J.Alba Pique S.Ramos C.Azpilicueta A.Iniesta S.Busquets C.Fabregas Pedro Nolito A.Morata EURO 16 TROPHY HERE I COME :KreyGasm: :KreyGasm: :KreyGasm: :KreyGasm:
  4. Bogdan

    pandaren are neutral so they dont give a shit to alliance or the horde + pandaren monks look sexy :KappaPride:
  5. Bogdan

    pretty good no ? :KappaPride:
  6. Bogdan

    is that you florian ? :KappaPride:
  7. Bogdan

    It would be nice if we could change the size of the image at profile....its too small 50kb
  8. Bogdan

    It depends on what you do on the Internet ...download heavy games , movies , play games from other countries with high ping...
  9. Bogdan

    re-install that windows 10 shit and install windows 7 to get +50% faster internet :KappaPride: true internet power for only 13 €
  10. Bogdan

    Star wars map :PogChamp:
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