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  2. Yabba

    Couldn´t you find the one you made as a joke back when EUF was basicly doomed? Duuuude, this makes me feel nostalgic. It's been a while since ZMKillerz and all that stuff. Way to make me feel old, Geri (?) Good times. Also;
  3. Yabba

    Daaw, thanks for the feedback, you guys! You're all the best And thanks Vanster for the plug (?) hehehe
  4. Yabba

    Amko fegs have attacked this votation. (?) Spoopy.
  5. Yabba

    I have a Microsoft one. It's so good, it double clicks... ALWAYS. EVEN IF YOU INTEND TO CLICK ONCE.
  6. Coming back from VACations tomorrow. Hopefully internet is fixed back home.

  7. Dayuuum, I like dis.

  8. stomach bugs. yay

  9. Yabba

    By the end of a SES, it's going to be a SOS
  10. Internet's slowly coming back here. yush

  11. Last week of college. Plus, internet problems. AAAAAAAAAAAH SENDMEH HALP

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    2. -JamNass-


      good luck bro , bet that week

    3. DeMoN


      Good luck!

    4. El Machoo

      El Machoo

      I want me 0/7 online (?) goals (?)

  12. Yabba

  13. Yabba

    Exo... It's Star Wars. Everybody knows Star Wars. (?)
  14. Only two more weeks of hard college before summer. Wish me luck!

  15. I don't have a potato microphone now. THANKS TO GERI-KUN. I LUV YOU BOAH. :kappapride:

    1. knives


      how to? teach me senpai

    2. Yabba
    3. Geri


      You're welcome Yabbataba

  16. Food: Drink: Alcoholic Non-alcoholic Dessert:
  17. Yabba

    Yeah. I think ze_Destruction_of_exorath_v7_1 was on GBB, but for some reason the CSS section of that page is down.
  18. "Let's give it all".

  19. Yabba

    Here you have some of the maps for tomorrow's event, folks: ze_ffxii_feywood_b3_1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9g0m1f5vdbrmcrk/ze_ffxii_feywood_b3_1.rar?dl=0 ze_slender_b7: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32948810/Cssmapping/ze_slender_b7.rar Also, random: ze_random_map_v3_7: http://files.gamearmy.ru/download/map/36840141a9ab62fb4b512332fffb42ad/2436/ze_random_map_v3_7.zip
  20. 'Sup. So, a couple or more of you guys have some super weird (jk) and cool nicks/IGN, so I though it would be interesting to know how you created them or why you chose them. So, I'll start. As you guys know, I have two nicks: YABBA I've had this nickname since 3-4 years ago. It's origin is quite simple; just listen to the zombies in HL2 or hell, in the servers even, and you'll eventually hear that. Originally, I used to use YABBA, MY ICING since that's quite literally what the zombies say, but then I thought it was ridiculous. The name itself is ridiculous, actually, but I still feel some affection for it, and still use it to this day. JantherTR A name I created arround 2-3 years ago. To get the name, say "Just Another Trial" until you get it. "But where you got that phrase from?" you may ask. Well, I just literally came with it while I was playing . Since it is a game about trials, now you know why I have that "TR". I recently changed it to just Janther since some people thought that the "TR" standed for "Turkey". It lacks some sense now that it is "Just Another", but it still sounds cool, if you ask me. So, how 'bout you, pal? PS: Please excuse the typo on the title. My brain ain't workin'. (?)
  21. Yabba

    Skyrim: http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/download/175427 Harry Potter: http://redirect.i3d.nl/redirect1/maps/ze_harry_potter_v1_cfix2.bsp.bz2 You are very welcome, folks. :kappa:
  22. @Geri This is rather a BBC problem. So, unless you and other people, unlike me, can actually SEE the player, then it's not the solution for the problem. But you reminded me to clean my PC anyways, so... Thank you for that, really. :kappa: (???) Edit: I already did all that just in case it really was me, but for no good. :failfish:
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