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  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy B'Day! :kappa: :kappa: 

  3. Didn't know Calig had enough mana to revive you
  4. I guess I'll prepare for next time
  5. nah its not from the eufrag era its from 2015 zmkillerz time c: but you're right at some points miss all the old players plus this app wasn't public at all @Calig knows ly<3
  6. Well enjoy reading it if you have time, been searching for this for so so so loooong c: In game nick: Geri Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:96926219 Age: 18 In which time zone you do live in? Albania How long and how often are you playing on the server? Sometimes 3 hours, when I'm busy I'll be less active but i wont let a day without visiting the server/forum. How well do you SPEAK English and are you willing to use voice chat? I really want to use the voice chat but some conditions do not allow me. I can speak English well. I used to go in an English school everyday and I guess I've gotten pretty good at "speaking it". Do you have any previous experience of being an admin? Yes I do I do a lot. I had my own server and later on became admin on the ]HeLL[ clan server. I got some serious admin skills there. Do you have any previous bans? Well I think I do not have : ) On which server would you like to be an admin and why? (at least 50 words) Ze server I have recently realized how fortunate I am to be a part of a community with many great characteristics and personalities, and I have an urge to stay loyal to this community in order to maintain this possitive vibe. As of now, I do not feel like I am capable to contribute in an adequate manner to the zmkillerz servers, but by stepping up my positition as an admin within this community, I am certain I will contribute with making unbiased conclusions in order to assist the admins with solving problems and preventing conflicts before or as they happen to make sure that our community grows in a possitive manner. Although the role of being an admin may not be entertaining and demands some of my time, it certainly is nice to know that doing so will further our great athmosphere. I have alot of friends in this community and it's Always so much fun to play in here and i'd like to help people when they need an admin around. And i'd like to help zmkillerz to get a full server again! It's so much fun in zmkillerz and i've learnt so much. The admins are great and helpful! If anyone breaks the rules from this server, I will punish them for the good will of the server. I would respect all the players no matter what nationality or religion, i will treat them the same way i would expect to be treated while on the zmkillerz servers. It would be nice for the younger players to have someone who they can look up to and hopefully someday join the admin community. The respect for the servers and community is also a massive factor to why i would like to become a Tech admin. If players are not respecting the rules they are not respecting the community or the servers and also the other players and if they do not want to follow the rules they don't deserve to play on the servers. I want the people to be having fun together, talk to each other and laugh together. I hate it when some players join in and break the rules, crying in the Mic or something else. I hope that with a successful application I can get the chance to demonstrate the social skills and discipline needed to nurture and sustain the zmkillerz community. It is my belief that to be a good admin one should not be interested in the power that comes with such a role, it therefore is imperative that this power is not abused and is used to cultivate the community in a coordinated direction alongside the efforts of the other admins. I desire to improve zmkillerz and by becoming a Tech admin I may further this goal with the aim of cracking down on the perceived admin abuse that many others in zmkillerz feel is negatively affecting the community. In closing, I have enjoyed playing on the server and hope that I can extend that same sense of enjoyment from those who are new to the many veterans that populate the server.
  7. Self-evaluation is so high these days..
  8. Happy Birthday<3

  9. I hope all the hard work pays off, you guys really deserve it for putting your backbones to the servers and everything else, long live cs-frag!
  10. DeMoN

    Happy B-day! :P

    1. Geri


      Thanks so much!

  11. Happy birth day Geri ^^

    1. Geri


      Thanks fam!!

  12. Happy Birthday big G ;)

    1. Geri


      Thank you soo much!!

  13. Happy Birthday @Geri <3!

    1. Geri


      Thank you sir!

    2. Uchiha Desu

      Uchiha Desu

      Dont call me sir :D^_^

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