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    A member from Ambrosia-servers since 2012, played 1.6 mostly there and now moved on to CSS on cs-frag.

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  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. Koray.

    I dont really care if they speak english or not tbh, aslong as the damned menu is in English and I can play it its fine which is also not the case with (most) of these servers.
  3. Koray.

    Im not against you supporting ZM, Im just saying its a waste for the community. Instead of moving back to older genres you should move on to newer ones (even tho I dislike CSGO aswell) https://gyazo.com/b9311ec7f3f17d9098b2ac9b68b8e0bc There you have your average 'Full' servers whereas only 1 of them is located in the UK and 1 in Germany, I tried almost all of the english ones and they all end up being bad.
  4. Koray.

    Sure if you want to play on a ruski cyka blyat server or an Kurwa polski server, go on and play on it. The latest ZM mods are shit anyway and people are making way too OP servers with ZM, that's why its not fun playing it for the average player who is used to ZM 4.3
  5. Koray.

    I've been an player for 4 years on an 1.6 community and was an admin on it for the last 2 years. The game was populair and fun but with time it died cause everyone moved onto CSGO, its not worth putting money into it as you'll have to boost the servers almost everyday or every week. move on to CSGO and make an MG/Surf server(not DM in surf, race maps please.) and get it running. Add more servers with the time.
  6. Koray.

    1.6 is dead. Only if you can make a working ZM/Surf server with PEOPLE playing instead of boosted bought players its fun, else you'll see bots running around like headless chickens. Also MC/CSGO/Gmod pl0x.
  7. Koray.

    then let him spare up instead getting a shitty GPU lol, if he wants to play CSs/league he can go with the GT620 (which im using on a i3 6gb ram pc from wayback) and still get 200 fps .-.
  8. Koray.

    I'd suggest upgrading his RAM and and processor. atleast get an i5 with an intergrated GPU which can handle more then that crappy GPU lol
  9. Koray.

    before buying, what kind of games do you want to play? If you can inform me I can give you a list of possibilities.
  10. Koray.

    MG anad Bhop all the way
  11. Koray.

    That moment when Turkey makes it to the best 3 after losing but scoring twice against the Czechs #BIZBITTIDEMEDENBITMEZ!
  12. Koray.

    lets do this
  13. Koray.

    damn croatia fucked up against the tjechs.
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