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My wedding

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Hello guys 

sorry for being inactive in the last few months.

I really miss you all.


I have so many good freinds in here . And so many memories that i will never forget.


I want to share this special day with you guys .

since  it's the most importnant day in my life .. my wedding day ..

I hope the best for you all .. And to find your soulmate like i did.

see you soon on the servers .. ze server :D





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6 hours ago, h1dden said:

:pepeD::pepeD::pepeD: Dude, it's awesome. Congratulations! Indeed this is very important step in life. I wish you a long years of happiness and health! :)

Thanks man . wish you the best and a great future :heart:

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42 minutes ago, Rix :V said:

oh boiii!!!! this is big news!!! It's the first time i've seen a gamer get married, this is gives us some hope :cheerful: congratulations on your wedding! wishing you lots of love and happiness :)

thanks bro .. wish you the best :heart:



its really hard when you have to choose between your computer and your girl . I was able to stay away from gaming for a while . I don't know about you guys if u can do it too :D

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@rix you know.... we are not all young like many gamers here.... I have 37 years old.... i dont know how abody is old but i have a son 10 years old... i'm not married... but its like the same lol..... I'm dont live with his mother anyways...

I wait a little girl for beggining of the years.... A little sister for my son..... Abody i hope you the best for the future... and make peace and love and many little baby......

I will post a picture when she get out..... :wub:

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