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  1. Fouzy

    she is laught because you dont play ze xD haaaa gayyyyyy
  2. Happy Birthday!!! :heart:

    1. Fouzy


      Thanks!!! :D

  3. Fouzy

    Happy birthday at my daughter!!!! And my birthday is in 2 days!!! Calig! Gift me a Tshirt xD
  4. Fouzy

    Is she cute?
  5. Fouzy

    [/img] [/img] [/img]
  6. Happy birthday! :kermit:

    1. Emre Can

      Emre Can

      Thank you Mate :kermit:

  7. Fouzy

    i want a new map! ze_ccc_floator.. Let do this before this best server rip its an mix of all the good maps (potc, voodoo, lotr and more) good map
  8. Fouzy

    My father is a big cu:nt.... He dont have kalash he have an M16... But it's an other history..... And this *Cencored* dont know my son and my daughter
  9. this pink is so gayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!:FeelsAmazingMan:haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!:FeelsGoodMan:

    1. knives


      Damn! It’s Calig’s fault...

  10. Fouzy

    Baguette pro
  11. Fouzy

    Hello at at my nig:gers!!!!!! I blame all for not play on here.... the best server.... best settings.....no lags..... few players but many solo or duo when good players plays whith me..... (doc and kobra are my betters nig:gers for duo ) all theses nig:gers have kill the best of server :/ i'm sad :/ if all these nig:gers want to play a shit map at 50.....when they want change map they will be fuck:/ only one server with 50 players is not the way.... They have kill the best server ze of css.... They have kill Css :/ I have too many hours on this game..... but i smell the end... i'm to sad for this good game..... and i'tts the better game of the world.... Please Froggy make me happy on CSGO ZE server fast or i will be very sad . Fouzy is the best escaper... go see the stats.... maybee go play on froggy server csgo or never..... blame froggy if he is too slow for settings...... i'm here for help for setting if froggy need me.... froggy is the best but fouzy do more hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fouzy is the best: 201 days 25000 kills... i have try to revive server.... but to many nig:gers.... good luck with -1 server....... froggy please make me happy and go your job fast..... Good nidht at all !!!!!