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  1. people here is not thinking regularly csgo ze maps are so easy even deadcore is ez in go atleast in css your ping quantity may change the game in csgo 100-400 ping are same
  2. lets hope for more players so we can play mako and deadcore 24/7
  3. i would trigger in frostdrake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. you know the only thing we care about is lazers is there some ?
  5. they should make mako halloween themed
  6. Congratulations! i was scarred when i saw deadview name under the my wedding i was like
  7. 1-no mako rip 2-csgo .......... (its steam a event with 10 players sux like maxemor) 3-i will join pirates cuz its ez and i dont wanna broke my head

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