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  1. Deadview

    You have been muted until 12-08-2022 14:35:12 for mic spamming, it's not the first time you've been muted for this reason. I will unmute you for now but i urge you to NOT mic spam since it's against the server rules. If you break the rule again you will get an extended punishment period. Topic locked.
  2. Deadview

    Currently there are no plans for expanding the admin team. We will keep your application in mind and might even approach you when the time comes. Thanks for applying!
  3. hday deadview


  4. Happy Birthday Deadview :kermit:

  5. Deadview

    Hi, Thank you for the suggestion! If i remember correctly we specifically removed the mentioned map as we deemed it to be human sided way too much, instead if it we have introduced new/old maps that players seem to like. As for "ground parachute" i'm not sure what you mean by this. If you are refering to people bhopping with a parachute it's quite simple to do! As you strafe and reach the apex of your jump you simply hold your parachute key. As you're falling down you release the parachute key. Tho bunnyhopping with this method can be inconsistent. Cheers!
  6. Deadview

    Username in game?
  7. Deadview

    We kept this thread going for almost 2 years now Proud of you lads
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