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  1. Happy Birthday <3

  2. XoOM =D

    Congrats @abody Sorry for being late , i wish you long happy life with your soulmate and May Allah bless you with pious children
  3. XoOM =D

    believe me i was going to talk to you @SnoWolf about that the first time i saw it but i knew you were busy doing some dirty shit but srsly which kind of games you are playing to name it like that xD
  4. XoOM =D

    he has been proven guilty , Actions will be taken forward Thanks for Reporting , You can always use notify admins by using !calladmin command when they aren't online HF ^^
  5. i was just looking into the post then wait , What !!!!! Minecraft ! ??? i bet on my virginity it was Snowolf's idea
  6. Happy Birthday My cat :lol:


  7. XoOM =D

    Tyranny for nanya
  8. XoOM =D

    i need to have deleting shit permission...
  9. Everything will be announced ( Screenshots/Reward) once the anniversary ends
  10. XoOM =D

    Well it was very good challenge , we could make it to 5th stage but we couldn't win Thanks guys For playing See ya soon in other events
  11. XoOM =D

    This Friday we will be playing ze_TESV_Skyrim_v4fix as it has been voted by the community. The map has 5 levels - 5 Human items - 4 Zombie items - 4 bosses: Helgen, Whiterun, Road to Dwemer Ruins, Dwemer Ruins, Sovngarde Estimated time for the event is around 1,5H. If we're close to success, we will extend the time. Winners will be rewarded with one week of VIP Status. Friday 08/09/2017 17:00 GMT / 18:00 Central European Time (CET) * A countdown timer will be added in the main page before the event. LEADERS: @abody @XoOM =D @VaNsTeR or anyone who's willing to. [CS-Frag.com] Zombie Escape | EUFrag | FastDL | GameME - IP: We hope to see all there! ~ Event Managers Team -
  12. XoOM =D

    ask me or any other admin when u are in the server to see who restrict you
  13. Hello Guys Events are back ! and we decide to give you the chance to choose your favorite map Topic will be closed Wednesday , Official Event will be announced the day after (Thursday) with all information You need (Time , rewards ...etc) Event will be held on Friday Vote now!
  14. XoOM =D

    1 - Admin applications is open for anyone who can meet the requirements 2- for the vip skins members are also free to suggest any skin they like and post it here in suggestion section , administration will take decide if it can be added or not 3- boss hp we are working on it 4- agree the kevlar is kinda expensive 1000 -2000 would be great (smoke removed) 5-decreasing idk maybe (we'll see) 6-bhopping , we'll see also Thnaks @The RUMPLESTILSKIN for your suggestions administration will put an eye on them
  15. I"m 3 day delay but Still happy Birthday Lady :D 

  16. Happy Birthday Demon  <3 and epc sucks 

    1. DeMoN


      xD Thanks xoomy <3

  17. XoOM =D


    where is dislike button when it's needed !
  18. XoOM =D

    did he reconnect ?
  19. Happy Birthday Slaxxyy  <3 

    1. Slaxxy


      Thanks so much! <3

  20. XoOM =D

    You've been banned cuz you rejoin as last zombie as mentioned in you ban It's 1h so even if You think there is something wrong, no actions will be taken toward your ban
  21. Happy Birthday Vanster <3 

    1. VaNsTeR


      Thanks man ^^


  22. XoOM =D

    sounds like good deal but in fact i don't support used PC (trust problems xD) , anyway , what do u mean with not showing in windows setup ? you mean you can't see Your SSD hard drive while installing windows ?
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