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  1. abody

    ze_mountain_escape_v5_zy And we can try to get on the pirate ship ( all players ) in ze_icecap_escape_v3 shroom2
  2. Happy B-day bro!:P

  3. Happy Birthday! :heart:

  4. Happy Birthday! ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Bro!

  6. abody

    thanks bro .. wish you the best xD its really hard when you have to choose between your computer and your girl . I was able to stay away from gaming for a while . I don't know about you guys if u can do it too
  7. abody

    Thanks fouzy I will join and see you there
  8. abody

    Thanks boss .. wish you the best ..
  9. abody

    Thanks man . wish you the best and a great future
  10. abody

    yeah i got married thanks bro
  11. abody

    Hello guys sorry for being inactive in the last few months. I really miss you all. I have so many good freinds in here . And so many memories that i will never forget. I want to share this special day with you guys . since it's the most importnant day in my life .. my wedding day .. I hope the best for you all .. And to find your soulmate like i did. see you soon on the servers .. ze server
  12. happy birthday :)

  13. Leda

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Fuck i forgot to say Happy Birthday :KappaPride:

  15. Happy Birthday bro :D <3