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Updates - March 26th 2017

Developement of Servers  

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  1. 1. Do you like our idea for member and regular player skins?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Do you like current skin settings, based on map theme?

    • Keep map themed skins
    • Use same "default" skins for all maps
  3. 3. Which set of zombies you like the most?

    • Zombie set #1
    • Zombie set #2
    • Zombie set #3

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11934c05f2.jpgSmall updates! Read before voting in the poll! Weather you decide to vote for "No", please comment below why, so we can negotiate and discuss about it. We have been processing the idea of adding special skin for our members that have applied for it here on the forums. These skins are only used for Zombie Escape and Zombie Mod servers, for now. The plan is to make all regular players using the same Counter-Terrorist Urban skin, and give members Terrorist skin from CS 1.6 with CS:GO style in it. See picture on the right side. There's coming slight changes for VIP skins as well. We are removing Alice and "Ugly Trench coat" models. They will be replaced with Nanosuit, which is 6 MB, so around of size 2 models. Sure if you're VIP member, comment down below neither you would like to keep the old VIP skins.


Down below you can see three sets of zombie packages, and your job is to vote for the one you like the most! Vote either for Zombie set 1, 2 or 3. You can make your vote, but if you don't like any of them, make your own zombie set by replying this topic by using the zombie names in the pictures, or just look from the internet. But the final decision of which zombie skins we're going to use will be made by admins! 


We would also like to hear your opinions what you think of our current way to manage skins in Zombie Escape server. Do you like the skins are based on the map theme, or should we start using the "default" skins for each and every map? Vote in poll neither you like it or not! It's important for us.


And in addition, admin applications for Zombie Escape and SurF RPG servers (css) are now open. We will open applications for CS:GO servers as soon as we get them finished and open for test! So for now only for those two servers.

That is all for now, will see you soon!36d8a2507f.png



d538d990d9.png     ce5110f775.png


bfcf34ab50.png     b6a85ccc54.png

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5 minutes ago, FloriaNNN. said:

Calig add more skin to vip. 

Put more skins to vip :D


There wasn't enough room in the picture :D Heh. Will see if we keep the "Ugly trench coat" guy, or add some more VIP skins.

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Yes finally some great skins!

I vote for Zombie Set #2 cuz they'll be terrifyingly terrifying in some maps (Will give vanster a heart attack probably :kappa:)

Also the idea of differentiating skins between members and players is dank good. '

GG Caligster for this announcement

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Remove "Ugly Trenchcoat" Calig this will be the best desicion


Dear dear SAXI just change Clan Skin to another one there are a lot of cool skins and by the way I don't like Trenchcoat even thought I am a ZH Member just this skin sucks ! I would like to see SET 2 Skins they are the best !


Best wishes !!! :kermit::thanks::troll_happy::LOLO:

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General raam is the best.....zombie set 2 is my vote....although im not a VIP, as a member...i really amazed with nanosuit, it is another great addition alongside combine soldier..........atlast, im happy and feel good that there will be new changes for terrorist and ct skins......thanks to wonderful calig brother.....waiting for the changes.....

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As inovações são sempre importantes para melhorar a interface e a jogabilidade. É verdade que alguns não são tão bem-vindos, mas também aopio a iniciativa de notícias, como isso faz com que o ZM ainda melhor. Parabéns pela novidade!



6 hours ago, -- said:

 Vai ver se mantivermos o "Ugly trench coat"


Você não pode remover minha pele de clã! :why_u_no:  


Por que você quer remover a pele mais usada? 

Junior Admin vai colocar seu pé para baixo sobre isso!


OMg, this a best skin, Don't Remove this Skin. ^^


7 hours ago, Lady InsAne said:

Onde está minha pantera cor-de-rosa? :why_u_no:

Lool, please Admin, give The pink Phanter for she!! 

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My Clan ZH is known by the skin Trenchcoat and  we have use'd for about 1year now.. We have done so much work with it, Avatars/clansprays.. Trenchcoat is who we are! 

It would be a shame to have it removed..


Please don't R.I.P ur Clan skin :heart:

















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13 minutes ago, Harue said:

Skins? We need Hentai skins. Yes, this is the only reason i would like to donate.

We also need  a hentai forum theme, i believe it would bring more players and you'd be more active.

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