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  1. Happy Birthday :D sorry late wish :pepeD:

  2. ineya piranthanal nal valzthukal vendetta (Happy Birthday) :pepeD::)

  3. Happy Birthday! :kermit::kermit::Poggers::FeelsAmazingMan::KreyGasm::pepeD::pepeD::KappaPride:


  4. Happy Birthday my friend AYHAM :D Sorry for late wishes :') miss you, see ya at zm ^^

    1. A Y H A M

      A Y H A M

      Thx mate its never been late :FeelsOkayMan:


    US-East (Virginia)294 ms US East (Ohio)299 ms US-West (California)228 ms US-West (Oregon)223 ms Canada (Central)279 ms Europe (Ireland)286 ms Europe (London)281 ms Europe (Frankfurt)359 ms Europe (Paris)203 ms Asia Pacific (Mumbai)221 ms Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)158 ms Asia Pacific (Seoul)153 ms Asia Pacific (Singapore)41 ms Asia Pacific (Sydney)193 ms Asia Pacific (Tokyo)105 ms South America (São Paulo)400 ms China (Beijing)370 ms China (Ningxia)411 ms AWS GovCloud (US)278 ms

    I got kicked by this ping kicker, my average ping is from 270 to 320 (I'm connecting from Malaysia) same goes to Mustillos and other asian friends like Jon Snow, Chanel Preston, ShadowPr....my kind request to adjust the ping to 330 atleast....
  7. Hi houston, long time no see :') miss u doggo <3

  8. Happy Birthday Lenny, come back real soon :D

  9. Happy Birthday Saxi :heart:

    1. -<SAXI>-


      Thank you Vendetta <3

  10. third picture proof after few mins i quit the game look at their hdk rate = 100 percent for most of kills and their accuracy is high for very new players in zombie mod.
  11. Name : Elite Nyam Steam id : STEAM_0:0:1377172097 Name : TolikVodila Steam id : STEAM_0:0:1622269719 Server : Zombie Mod Reason : both of them always stick together, they can shoot and damage your health super fast unbelievably , they hit on head like super fast..the hitting rate were super high....very unusual hits than zombie mod pros....even from far, they can watch zombie hide and track them....it's absolutely different from how we normally play.....i believe they use aim hacks, or scripts, and wall hacks. their hitting accuracy is so high for a new player, they just hard to breach in even in a small room proof : https://imgur.com/a/ao5k0NL https://imgur.com/P49GjVI https://imgur.com/JyUr0ps

    had great fun. Good choice of map, dark and scary

    maxemor, u can run crysis 2 .....can achieve....i have done it 8 years ago .....2gb ram with 512mb....yes u can't expect getting butter smooth fps ....

    try call of duty black ops, battlefield bad company, Fifa 13, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, Sims 3, Sniper Ghost warrior, Max payne 3, Hitman Blood Money, Assassin Creed Revelation, Need For Speed Shift/ Hot Pursuit, Crysis 2, Prototype 2
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