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  1. Hey Cya, Super Happy B-Day!!



  2. A Gamer...Always will are a Gamer...



    1. Harue


      Learning grammar is a thing..

  3. How to avoid an HS in Deathmatch11183141547834.gif

  4. Lets go, Buy now: New Gun of the CSS...





  5. Nash

    As inovações são sempre importantes para melhorar a interface e a jogabilidade. É verdade que alguns não são tão bem-vindos, mas também aopio a iniciativa de notícias, como isso faz com que o ZM ainda melhor. Parabéns pela novidade! XD OMg, this a best skin, Don't Remove this Skin. ^^ Lool, please Admin, give The pink Phanter for she!!
  6. 9741cd78ee19c6312411b53c7835663a.gif

    1. Nash


      Bcause I'm Uchiha Itachi of the Konoha!

  7. Hello Guys!

    The Cs-frag It's getting more and better. I feel an improvement in the gameplay and updates are getting better. For reasons that do not deserve to be mentioned, I moved away from the server. But that was my first contact with ZM in CSS. I approve to thank the admin head for constant attention and understanding, because they have always answered my questions or requests for help.

    Congratulations CS-Frag Family.



  8. Hey men ,  -WU-, Very happy birthday cya!!

  9. "So sorry Sasuke..In another hour"(Uchiha Itachi)

  10. And again, I protect my village, as Itachi Konoha!

  11. So sorry Sasuke. In other Hour!

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