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  1. SYED

    Zombie Nemesis for Zombie Mode Server. Dont know names of the maps but yeah this mod will be hell lot of fun to play with! And for Zombie Escape ze_l0v0l and ze_harry_potter (Any latest stable version)
  2. SYED

    How about we keep an event on each server like :- 29th - ZE 30th - MG 1st - ZM And take Votes for Maps!
  3. Gonna Miss u Calig! Keep up the good work and serve well!
  4. No New Year Event? @Calig
  5. Would be Glad if u add Zombie Nemesis on any Vacant day!
  6. SYED

    What about Zombie Mod
  7. SYED

    (1) R.I.P Trench Coat. (2) #3 looks perfect and classy skins.
  8. SYED

    What if i use 100 tickrate settings on a 66 tickrate server?
  9. Happy Bday Paranoid Fag!!! :KappaPride::partypopper:

  10. SYED

    No Skin for Zombies Please Add Reindeer skin for zombie like u added werewolf for Haloween
  11. SYED

    Keep up the Great work Calig and his colleagues.....!
  12. SYED

    Hey Calig ! Lets have a MG EVENT for SERPENT TEMPLE or any other map which is good.
  13. SYED

    Good to see so many Comments and reply's!
  14. SYED

    Hehe yup
  15. SYED

    I encounter the same problem some times (specially in ZE and ZM).. Also my ram is 8gb;which means its not Ram's fault.
  16. SYED

    Guys Vote for your Favorite CS-Frag Servers here!
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