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  1. FideLink

    Oh wow so ur finally adding anime girls skins huh . Also I only see 1 biohazard map in the list. Hmm...
  2. FideLink


    Name: Dreamsound SteamID: STEAM_0:1:143821 Server: Zombie Escape Reason: Item troll + knife zombies Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8bzhkxhj4djc3gt/ada.dem
  3. FideLink

    My current setup (dont judge the cpu)
  4. FideLink


    Name: Theracord SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1907615130 Server: Zombie Escape    Reason: Insulting over my parent + more. Proof: More Proof: http://stats.cs-frag.com/player_histories/chat/282495
  5. FideLink

    !sg @Hichem
  6. FideLink

    real tony play rpd and mako only.
  7. FideLink

    EUFrag = Pirates Fag CS - Frag = Mountain Fag Know the different
  8. FideLink

    Sunlight: would be a good map if theres 40 - 50 plebs play on the server. Lila Panic: why this shit on the list? Pirates v5: any chance to win god mode? Tyranny: gud shit. UT Convoy: dont know the map well but kinda good map for event.
  9. FideLink


    I have permission from vanster. Ill talk to Raiden since hes my friend. Wait for what hes gonna told me about this. edit: i already talk to him. hes said he only trolling nightmare_<condor> for karma. but he accidentally trim other guy too. he wont do it again. just wait @VaNsTeRrespond.
  10. Hmm? No extra vips for nemesis solo win? Smh. Anyway gg boiz it was quite fun to play on event but sadly i cant catch up on ze event p.s. vanster is absolutely hacking.
  11. Hello people of CS-Frag plebs, today I want to show you guys a crap RPG game that made by myself. Game is still beta and I would say it's 20 - 30% of the completed game (or even less). The game actually already posted on G+ RPG Maker Community 2 years ago. Currently, I need some people who can make some audio sound because some music I use for the game are copyright, so I never post it public like in youtube. And now, the game already 70% completed and I'm planning to change the intro of the game with the help of @kEMOSABE. That's all I want to say and heres the screenshot of the game. All you need to do is download it, install it, play it, complete it, close the game, and uninstall it. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbtq9rb0cl9r5ui/RoR Beta Test V2.exe?dl=0 NOTE: If you finish the beta, post it to me at steam or at this post and I will place the name at the credit list (as beta tester) of full version (real name only). (Critic me if there any grammar wrong or any bug since I start make it 3 years ago)
  12. 24+hours at mg_serpentis i bet with all my luck and sakes
  13. FideLink

    I have a "kinda" better idea for pirates map. How about no items except heal, medallion, and barbossa?
  14. FideLink

    ze_shroomforest3_b6_2: http://gamebanana.com/maps/196166
  15. FideLink

    Name: Richards Gary SteamID: STEAM_0:0:7881810 Server: Zombie Escape Reason: No english on mic, insult Chat Proof: http://stats.cs-frag.com/player_histories/chat/96613 Name: Bishee SteamID: STEAM_0:0:94636430 Server: Zombie Escape Reason: No english on mic Proof (both): https://www.mediafire.com/file/587x0a84y5draq4/noenglishonmic.dem https://www.mediafire.com/file/cmuqltvxr9tc1yk/smh.dem https://www.mediafire.com/file/9q4h4q6ama23fuq/mic.dem (u only need 1 not all of them tbh)
  16. FideLink


    Name: Steam ID: Server(s): Reason: Proof: I know I was there but you need to fill these thing first.
  17. FideLink


    @VasyaPupkin https://bans.cs-frag.com/index.php?p=commslist thanks me later Btw, didnt u already make deal with knub @Caligger the bhop scripter?
  18. FideLink

    Without maps (biohazards), servers dead, and if only admins more active than before. And we need to fix some plugins or add some plungis like !admins or hp for boss for monster.
  19. FideLink

    Its time to go back and solo
  20. FideLink

    !nominate ze_biohazard2_rpd_v4e_004. 1 months vip for solo win
  21. FideLink

    Finally, suggest more girl skins, especially animu
  22. FideLink

    They will gonna die cos boss or teleport or instead of win the level, they will kill the zombies, especially jamnass, hes rankwhore
  23. FideLink

    It's been 2 days ago he insult me and now he still insult me, he even copy @Uchiha Desu name lel Name: bigfoot SteamID: STEAM_0:0:845357128 Server: Zombie Mod Reason: insult Proof: Chat proof: http://stats.cs-frag.com/player_histories/chat/28834 Update: he change the name to diarrhea
  24. FideLink

    Name: MARCOSERV.RU SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1998744140 Server: Zombie Escape Reason: Ring troll, breaking door Proof: Video: https://www.mediafire.com/?x9d46cf6vpnavsv Screenshot: @XoOM =D @abody