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  1. VasyaPupkin

    when you already understand that your policy of bans and events is wrong ...
  2. VasyaPupkin

    Lol i won shaurma and i still didn't get vip nice admins
  3. happy birthday yomayo!:kermit:

  4. Happy Birthday blyat^_^;)

  5. VasyaPupkin

    If u see in last time on server online is 10-20 people and 80% are ruskies. Without ruskies this server will die.
  6. VasyaPupkin

    I said make me admin but vanster didnt listen me)( U need russian admin)
  7. VasyaPupkin

    i hate ff maps
  8. VasyaPupkin

    if will be 40+ people we can play ze_santassination(only extreme) P.S. anyone server won extreme lvls in css still
  9. VasyaPupkin

    We need to add new pirates in nomlist)
  10. VasyaPupkin

    ze_pirates_port_royal_v3_6 http://par1.zecdn.ru/css-ze/maps/?C=M&O=D*- link fo download We have won this map so many times with items that we need to try something more difficult, for example without them.
  11. VasyaPupkin

    Please guys all play ze_dreamin before event in singleplayer we do not need noob players there!
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