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  1. VasyaPupkin

    when you already understand that your policy of bans and events is wrong ...
  2. VasyaPupkin

    Lol i won shaurma and i still didn't get vip nice admins
  3. VasyaPupkin

    U can ban forever now. I thought it over
  4. VasyaPupkin

    Nick: VasyaPupkin(shit map) Steam id: 76561198129263267 Ze Rumplestilskin My ban lasted 1 week. I decided to go to the server and play and the admin banned me for no reason.
  5. happy birthday yomayo!:kermit:

  6. Happy Birthday blyat^_^;)

  7. VasyaPupkin

    give me demo where i trolled pls
  8. VasyaPupkin

    The RUMPLESTILSKIN ZE 14:59 I played and did not touch anyone. I'm just a noob and when I shot a zombie, I missed it. So I was eaten by zombies and I infected all people. But the admin thought that I specifically do this and banned me because of personal dislike. I haven't demo cuz i didn't know that this can happen
  9. VasyaPupkin

    I was banned in chat how i could communicate with russian people?
  10. VasyaPupkin

  11. VasyaPupkin

    I ask you to unmute me and understand that times have changed and now the eufrag is also played by Russians, I ask you to make eufrag international and allow you to speak in Russian because more than half of the online eufrag is Russian 1.VasyaPupkin(shit map) 2.Ze 3.U:1:8827466 STEAM_0:0:4413733 4.Xoom
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