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  1. Dr.J

    Happy bday!

    May God bless you!

    its take so long year you are 41 years!

    I thi k i will be 41 years too just happy birthday:FeelsAmazingMan::D


  2. Happy Birthday:wub: my friend

  3. SLaX

    Happy B-Day!:peepoHappy:

    1. Dr.J


      thanks man!

      im very happy thanks friends

  4. Happy Birthday to you Sir:wub:

    1. Dr.J


      Thank you very much my best friend:heart:

  5. Dr.J

    Calig, thank you for making this tournament i will join tournament and win the prizes xD
  6. Happyyy Birthdayy


    Hapiee Bday Nub.cK

    May God Bless You!

  7. I know this suggestions is not better Coz I sugges to add new payment method coz We cant buy V.I.P Fir those banned unsupported countries of paypal Im not say only me, I say for others and my friends Some countries is banned paypal we cant buy VIP I have a lot of money to buy But Im from India But not my real country But I want to live in mizoram thats why and my parents is in mizoram So In india they banned paypal Pls remake this We need other payments method. We try to give you moneyWhat you want calig Add another pls bro...Our BossMy Idol Pls add another bro I request it...!! Pls..Add it -Dr.J Mrzz
  8. Dr.J

    Portal is Fix man xD KEPP IT UP BOSS....
  9. Calig, I cant dm..Why Message Inbox is not working I cant message With dm..Can you fix..Plss

  10. Abodyy...Fix

    I cant message you dm not working..

    I mean i cwnt see message inbox

  11. Haooy B dayy Jason..

    May Gid Bless You...


  12. Dr.J

    Happy B dayy:)

    May God Bless you....

  13. Happy Bdayy

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    2. Keul


      Friend forverer

    3. Dr.J


      Friend forever:)

    4. boii_875




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