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  1. ParadOx

    @VaNsTeR If you promise you will slap me during the event I will come, otherwise no.
  2. Dayum, i feel bad for your cat calig who's gonna take care of it now? :/ Anyway, all the best for your military service & make sure to come back alive All the best for the community tho.
  3. respect for you calig, you are so damn talented and skilled when it comes to design/PS good job on what you did in the top ^^ btw gl with the events :^)
  4. ParadOx

    Great event and maps aswell. Guys please watch some videos about this maps to get an idea and know what you have to do in this maps, honestly i have never played santa map don't hate me if i failed you :lenny: And yes please for the noobie players (:lenny: no offence) don't ruin our game with saying every time go rtv, change the map etc.. it's an event so pls let's have fun in all the event period and ofc try to finish the maps. Last thing i wanna say, is 2 hours enough to finish 1 map? i mean make it 3 hours as the real time of the event then you can extend if you want (3 hours + extend better than 2 hours + extend)
  5. Congraz, Happy B'Day! :) 

    1. ParadOx


      Thank you so much :)

  6. Happy B-day Paradox.Best wishesh ^^!

    1. ParadOx


      Thank you my bro i appreciate that <3

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday :)

    1. ParadOx


      Thank you abody :)

  9. Happy Birthday! enjoy ;)

    1. ParadOx


      Shokran Sheikh Tariq :D <3

  10. Happy Bday:partypopper:

    1. ParadOx


      I appreciate that thank's <3

  11. Burning inside..

    1. DeMoN


      Did you eat fireballs again?:kappa:

    2. ParadOx


      Hahaha, how you knew i did that before?

  12. ParadOx

    Gg everyone and thank's
  13. The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.

  14. ParadOx

    Hope it will go well. Happy Birthday Cs-Frag!
  15. So don't let anybody tell you what you gonna be.

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