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  1. Happy Birthday mate :heart:

  2. Uchiha-Negative

    I agree with you completely, that's shouldn't be exist....hope they will change it !
  3. maghti Happy B-day :partypopper:

    1. Ibrahim morin

      Ibrahim morin

      merci abdou


  4. Happy Birthday dude 

  5. Uchiha-Negative

    <3 @Hichem :3
  6. Uchiha-Negative

    kk but how about !nominate +name of map
  7. Uchiha-Negative

    stfu tony this topic not for u ,
  8. Uchiha-Negative

    Hello, i'm old player in Cs Frag and I saw that there are many differences between zombie mod and zombie escape Differences in plugins look like !sm and !spectate (then name of any player) , !admins "about !sm we can't !sm all players in one command ;( but in ze we can mute all players when we do !sm then everyone ..." You know better than me in plugins , so u know what that plugins do I hope that u will read this topic and upgrade that plugins in Zombie mod Uchiha Negative
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