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  1. *EpiC n00b*

    Lol, Vasya, one of the requirements of being an admin is knowing English on a decent level, you clearly don't know English. And what are you gonna do when you become an admin? Permanently ban each and every single person to have ever played here and leave only Russians? And no, we don't need any Russian admins whatsoever, we already got enough ruski players. Kay Why S
  2. *EpiC n00b*

    That is not an excuse for them not to speak English in voice chat. They've been doing it for a really long time, and now that they mentioned my name with something in Russian, I got tired.
  3. Name: VasyaPupkin(shit map) & ๖ۣۜNeTMaZ[๖ۣۜ40] SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:1990198207 & STEAM_0:1:104581960 Server: Zombie Escape Reason: Not speaking English in Voice Communication. Proof: https://www.sendspace.com/file/7ul8ng I hardly ever report, since I don't care but I genuinely hate those two. Long-time mute required (Minimum).
  4. *EpiC n00b*

    Still waiting for Calig to post the Soccer and Zombie Riot results
  5. *EpiC n00b*

    Damn, Calig is putting so much effort into this, shout out for you too mate! Now im so looking forward to seeing you fix the ZR server (if you are going to ofc.)
  6. Chestit rojden den!Jiv i zdrav da si :P

  7. HAppy B-Day.... !!!

  8. *EpiC n00b*

    Yeah destroying it with some lasers, that's what i thought as well
  9. *EpiC n00b*

    Did your father give you a small loan of a million dollars?
  10. *EpiC n00b*

    Omg wtf admon make a soccer server
  11. *EpiC n00b*

    Its pretty simple. Tell a story - with your family or friends, on a summer camp or at the seaside. Even if it is not real, show us your imagination.
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