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  1. Croucher

    garry's mod and minecraft maybe? c:
  2. Croucher

  3. Croucher

    so the thing is: i was checking gpu's all kinds to buy me one in the future so i wanted to check the cheapestand i searched for gtx (cuz its the best) and i saw them kinds, all bids (second dealers) most of them doesnt cost more than 20-30$ with 1 gb and i was this is very good so for fun and maybe cheaper i checked the GT 880 which @Harue told me about and i was surprised that is cost (second dealer) like 40-70$ and i wa surprised becuz what a diffrence so tell me what is ur opinion about this shit
  4. Croucher

    messi why its impossible?
  5. Croucher

    when there are good players its gr8
  6. Croucher

    dude frekillerz can be ctbanned but ye still zm + mg event :troll_happy:
  7. Croucher

    Hey guys how are you alll! so i got some ideas back with some ideas 1-)that i think u guys as a clan/community should face other clans/communities by diffrent games like (knife fight, bhop,etc..) to have new supporting clans and to make new friendships :kappa: :kappa: 2-)special day, i think that there are some great servers but no one plays at those servers like (JB,MG,ZM) no one plays on these servers so maybe make a special day?
  8. Croucher

    wow dude ok thx for help
  9. Croucher

    so you garentee for me that it'll gimme good fps? how much would it give me at ze_pirates at crackin fight? u would say?
  10. Croucher

    and i lookd at prices at ebay- amazon its defo not 40 euro?
  11. Croucher

    im confursed lol so gt7600 isnt good but gt8800 is? so which one to buy? and wait if i buy one id ont have to change the whole motherboard right?
  12. Croucher

    ok thx m8 altho can u tell me where i can buy it from and what fps it'll gimme and im not offensed xd
  13. Croucher

    OK so hi guys so i play css and i have a decent pc but when i play css i get low fps (10-25) idk why but imma leave my pc info and hope you can tell me what to upgrade with my pc to atleast have 30-60 and this would be stable INFO : processor : Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5400 2,70GHz RAM : 2,00 GB System Type : Windows 7 32-Bit Graphics Card : intel g41 express chipset (microsoft corporation - wddm 1.1) THIS is all i know please tell me what to do and rocemended stuff and thx
  14. Croucher

    yes lelelel cuz i watched videos lel
  15. Croucher

    God damn it im the guy in the back xD altho im still sexy
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