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Updates October 1st 2016

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Happy 1st of October to everyone! This month updates we have mostly focused on our server admin lists.

Currently many of our admins are busy with studying or simply just too busy to stay active on the servers,

and overall, there could be more admins in our team! So if YOU are interested of taking important role in our community,

you may leave your Admin Application Here. Simply open the 'Admin Application Format' and start your own topic in the current forum.


Store will be added back for zm, bhop, mg and surf servers later tonight. We changed the store plugin to another, which means

all your items and credits are gone and there's no way you can have your items back unfortunately. The store contains new items

and it should work better then the old store we had.


As new VIP feature vip players can now use any store items without purchasing them! Which also means you can not gift any items to anyone.

You will still earn credits by playing on the server as everyone else and gift them. Also added Glow Colors for all servers.


Latest but not least, we will be opening 3 new servers for CSS, probably the latest server we will ever open in css.

AWP / Aim server, AIM maps are headshot only with deagle. Skill surf and Climb. All servers has only few maps for

the beginning, and more maps will be added if the server gets populated. Servers will be finished during next week.


And thanks for everyone taking part in our poll of expanding to other games where we might want to run new servers.

This will be our next huge project we will be working on!


EDIT: Delaying the store with one more day, found an tiny issue.


~ CS-Frag Team




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waw finally new servers .that will be so good for many ppl in the future and i liked all the update that you made guys for surf server especially go ahead:D



How we get credits each hour of play in surf cause i

 played a day and I only got 96 credit   almost......

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