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  1. freekiller

    from my own opinion i agree with vanster i already downloaded cs go warzone nosteam and i had played ze server it was amazing but in csgo nosteam aswell so many players will left our cummiunity cuz for now iam facing so much problem with my nosteam version and you will be as a new admin to learn how and when to catch the new hackers cause csgo nosteam has many hack undetected and its hard to catch them over watch so i think css isnot going to die soon i still have a hope on it. in csgo only steam version in better many players using nosteam and they will dislike it. maybe i am wrong if owners make a really ze server in csgo and attract more ppl as vanster said who knew
  2. freekiller

    ruski boys dont want to understand that wait a few weeks and they will do it again....
  3. freekiller

    good idea but as those ppl said try it in singular player better than make a server for that i tried it many time when i was playing a new maps in zb server
  4. freekiller

    waw finally new servers .that will be so good for many ppl in the future and i liked all the update that you made guys for surf server especially go ahead NOTE: How we get credits each hour of play in surf cause i played a day and I only got 96 credit almost......
  5. freekiller

    thx for alert me about that but when i tried to open Z.D.E.K demo i faced an issues with my version and you didnt see my last demo cause its not working that is why icant make a demo any more till i find a way to update or make it work again
  6. freekiller

    goodluck hope all players enjoy ur map
  7. freekiller

    sorry zombie escape server
  8. freekiller

    Name:[IBP] ₭ǾŦ シ SteamID:   STEAM_0:0:1035800622 Server:  zombie server    Reason: hack Proof:http://imgur.com/a/G7F8y I'm sorry but I had to copy the sentence to prove it
  9. freekiller

    Name: IJHELL SteamID:   STEAM_0:0:465644125 Server: surf server     Reason: aimbot Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mlhpvsu2r3rro58/aim(2).dem well its my first time to make a player demo hope that,s work perfect
  10. freekiller

    Hahahaha wallah kmlt m3ak GG
  11. freekiller

    someone ban him fastly plz to make the server a life again
  12. freekiller

    Name: Guardian\ SteamID:STEAM_0:0:718489573    Server:  surf server    Reason: aimbot Proof:http://imgur.com/34xMLHJ
  13. freekiller

    lol ez ez isee ur keyboard such like lava cause how many you fast when you write thx alot
  14. freekiller

    lol pimp idk if i played yesterday id remember anyway but you right so iam better than killler so its would be unfair to him cause i kill him always by gun so i give him a chance to kill me by knife lvling
  15. freekiller

    same:D school is near and i will study .many players will play more and get faster than me:(i hate that rly : can someone feel me
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