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Updates January 17th 2017

Your Favorite Gamemode in CS:GO  

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  1. 1. Which mode you would most likely play? (CS:GO)

    • Zombie Escape
    • Zombie Mod
    • Bunnyhop
    • Minigame
    • Skill Surf
    • (Comment below) Other

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Happy New Year everyone!

This announcement is going to be quite short, but it has few important things to mention!

First off, we're currently having 2 dedicated machines running in our names. And the oldest one is going to expire 17th of September.

Which means the servers currently running in old machine will be closed permanently. Those servers are; Climb, SurF Timer and AIM/AWP servers.


We have been asking and asking your opinions which gaming servers you would like us to have.

We can finally announce opening our first official CS:GO server! We decided it's going to be SurF RPG, sure there are more to come.

There may be issues with changing the map on time, due server has deathmatch enabled. If the map is not changing, players are needed to rock the vote.




You (some of you) might be wondering why you cannot connect there with your no-steam account?

We're not longer supporting no-steam users in our new coming servers, but our cs:s servers will remain as no-steam.

Our plan is shortly coming to move all current cs:s servers in CS:GO and ofc testing new games that we all can enjoy.


I made a poll of which game modes you would most likely play in CS:GO, and the mod with most votes

could be our second CS:GO server. GO check out the New SurF server, ranking will be added within 2-3 days.


Coming back with a new article in 2 weeks, maybe we have gotten your results by then,

so we can start making more servers in CS:GO.


- CS-Frag Team :heart:   




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