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Zombie & Human skins feedback

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well guys , the last update by calig was great so i see that the currently skins are nice enough.

and about cF members , the tag is enough LOL . no need for that skins and for hard working by the owners.

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Ty for remove fast zm   :kappa:  when it stops moving, never we can't kill him & we had big problems with him  :huh:.

Done well...

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im just come here because i cant make new topic i click the forum and choose but its not work so let me talk here!

I have suggestion of server please make gun game like deathmatch server/bomb ct v t. Im awp king lolಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ pls make server like this not only zm and others i like ze more but no one play in eufrag so i suggest please make @ Calig @ Tariq i request and one morr question my internet speed is good and i cannot play well in zm my latency is too high (300-500) but my interspeed is like god speed i think this is bug! and one more ny english is bad sorry for that



thanks to all



Edited by Dr.J
Wrong type!

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12 hours ago, Dark Professional said:

i cant get my regiester skin in the css server zombie revival my name is there Dark Professional


Hi there!

You need to join discord, link your discord and steam to your forums profile in account settings. If you are a no-steam user please provide us your steamID so we can add you manually

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Just a Couple Ideas for new Human Skins :


Faith ( Known from Mirrors Edge) :



Eve ( Known from Wall-E / Just the eve skin pretty nostalgic ) :



50 Cent :



Archer :



Hopefully some of u like a couple of these skins. I could see myself playing in all of them. Would be a nice addition to the already existing Player Models on the Server.


Greets ThraxX. :pogslide:




My favourite btw is the Eve skin ;)


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