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    Awww how cute! She looks way better than her father! Congratz bro!
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  20. Tariq

    Here is a list of some of the important plugins that are already in usage, followed by a list of plugins that we probably going to use in the future: FancyDrops - We can spawn drops in specific areas or to players / also massdrops NoDecay - Once your Tool Cupboard stands, you no longer have to put ressources into it. Instant Craft - Craftingtime is decreased Kits - Recieve a smooth starterkit by typing /kit BetterLoot - Our loots are incredible Absolut Gifts - Recieving gifts according to your playtime BGrade - Automatically upgrade building blocks upon placement. Allowing players to upgrade their building blocks with ease. WheresMyCorpse - Find your dead body by location Cars - Yup, we have a small amount of cars Friends & Clans - Add friends or create a clan and invite players. No turret/lock -authorisation Server Rewards - You get money by playing and destroying barrels. Don't forget to spend it in our ingame store with /s Trade - Trade items with a chat command /trade over long distances ItemSkinRandomizer - Type /skins the change the current skin of your items/weapons ShowCrosshair - This plugins allows you by typing /crosshair to choose between a couple of crosshairs AutoDoors - Doors close automatically after 7 seconds EnhancedHammer - Easy upgrade your builds with just click GatherManager - Gather the easy way. We use levels NTeleportation - Create up to 5 Homes and teleport back home with /home. You also can teleport to other players with /tpr "playername" QuickSmelt - also bored of long smeltingtime? That's now over RainOfFire - Meteorshower over the entire map. Also brings ressources RecycleManager - Want your own Recycler at home? Ask our online admins. RemoverTool - Type /remove and aim the walls or recently placed item to remove it SkipNightVote - Tired of waiting the whole night through 'til it's morning? Type /voteday StackSizeController - Huge stack size of items in your backpack Future Mods: UpLiftEd - An entire liftsystem for those who don't like stairs Airstrike - Call an airstrike straight to your enemies (VIP only) Events - Team deathmatch, Capture the Flag and many more. We are always open for suggestions and will discuss about your ideas. So feel free!
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