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  1. happy birthday vandal :FeelsOkayMan:

  2. Happy birthday portalito !! :pepeD::pepeD:

  3. Happy bday !!:)

  4. Vandal

    Hi there! You need to join discord, link your discord and steam to your forums profile in account settings. If you are a no-steam user please provide us your steamID so we can add you manually
  5. с днем рождения :pogslide:

  6. Vandal

    Hi and thanks for your report! We do not ban people for using NSFW sprays, we only ban the sprays themselves. If this has to reoccur again use in-game !calladmin <reason> command, available admins will provide! Also kindly do not send staff members indecent sprays in DM, thanks!
  7. Vandal

    Hello and thanks for being interested into joining us! Unfortunately admin applications are not open yet, however we are working on making this possible in the near future!
  8. Vandal

    Hi There! Thanks for your suggestion, we are already testing various map for them to be added, stay tuned!
  9. Vandal

    No cheats here, only map secrets have been used and the teleport is accessible for all players All of the map secrets in question are shown in the video below And about speedhacks nobody is using them, each class in zclass has it's own speed this explains why you were moving faster after being infected
  10. Happy bday!!

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