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  1. oscar lord

  2. oscar lord

    Zombie mod = zombie revival ?
  3. oscar lord


    but we was a 6 person and im sure im not shot wtf before you ban you need a fucking proof any one need proof before Do something not in just game you need proof for life D: let's what admins will say about RANDOM BANS
  4. oscar lord

    LoL nice One but you make mistak =)
  5. oscar lord


    Hello Cs_frag i was Play Like Every day but i get ban we was in spot for 5 or 6 Person then someone was shot Props and im shoot the person to stop But Jamnass Ban me IF he's Have Proof Drob Him Here Next time Make sure then ban @JamNass Dis Bans Let people Leave This Game So Next time make Sure Bro
  6. oscar lord

    i misse Zombie mod server 24/24 player allways )= and i misse admin @Geri :3
  7. oscar lord

  8. oscar lord

    You are working in place, and I'm in place and united by with some
  9. oscar lord

    @TheNoclipper Work together?
  10. Hi Raid

    i talk about make team =)

    you and me and some bhopers

    you like "Fbi Team" or "SPT Team" or what give me idea

  11. oscar lord

    parachute imbortent cant delet it
  12. oscar lord

    nope can Delet unlimited ammo
  13. oscar lord

    Looooooooooool @--GHOST-- How Much
  14. oscar lord

    Hello Cs_frag i wanna suggest a server to be added, it's a Zombie Revival server is like Zombie mod but more Action For more info about "Zombie Revival" 1- it's more fun 3- zombie mod inactive and the new server should be one Zombie Revival watch video i hope you guys accept this idea and thanks for reading @Calig @Leda @Tariq @SnoWolf and i have all skin and maps...etc