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Guide to ze_bioshock_v5_6

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Hello guys, Today I will try to make a detailed guide for the map  ze_bioshock_v5_6   If you want to explore the map and learn things such as: items location,all the alternative ways,tips to survive etc. Well I have good news for you all, this is the guide you've been looking for! Now lets begin with basic info about the items called "plasmids" (Bioshock fans will understand this weird name)


Plasmid : Incinerate /Effect: ignites zombies with a fireball.Similar to fire materia in Mako Reactor and flamethrower in fapescape/. The duration is 7 seconds and has of 5 seconds cooldown. NOTE : Incinerate plasmid has limited charges, so use wisely and carefully!

Plasmid : Electro bolt /Effect: Stuns zombies with a bolt of electricity slowing them down for a short period of time. Similar to electro materia in Mako Reactor/. The duration is 4 seconds and has a cooldown of 11 seconds. NOTE : Electro bolt has limited charges, so use wisely as it's really helpful.

Plasmid : Insect Swarm /Effect: Hurt and slow zombies with a swarm of bees, very effective using after electro bolt./. Duration is 5 seconds and a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Plasmid : Sonic Boom / Blast zombies away with a tornado. Similar to wind materia in Mako Reactor and Sword on Pirates Port Royal. The Duration is ONLY 2 seconds and a cooldown of 10 seconds, so be very careful with its usage since its too powerful.


Enough with plasmid explanation, lets move on to stages on bioshock. The map has 4 stages/difficulties. Below I will post videos of gameplays on every specific stage, so u guys can get a picture over the map.


Stage 1

Stage 2 & 3

Stage 4 (since stage 4 is almost impossible to complete/ extremely hard/ I couldn't find any videos on the web)


After watching the videos you should have a basic picture in your mind about the map. This is the point of the guide.


As you may noticed during your play on bioshock there is always a white spot spawning on the ground and one random "freak" just kill everyone standing in the area. Solution to not dying is simple, just dont STAY in the light! It always spawn throughout the map, so keep your eyes opened 24/7 !



Here is a picture of this beloved creature



Next step is to explain all item location in stage 1, because I want to make it easier for you guys.


Incinerate plasmid : After the lighthouse and the teleport turn left and search the crashed submarine



Electro plasmid : right before the underwater tunnel , take the stairs and pick it up!



Insect swarm plasmid : after passing the underwater tunnel, take the left way (most of the team will continue to straight path in order to trigger,so dont get fooled) and follow the path there,the plasmid is located at the top  floor.



Sonic Boom plasmid : Right after passing the underwater tunnel,take right and the plasmid is located underwater.



Rest I leave to you guys to discover! Its a really interesting and well made map, my advice to you is to go single player and start exploring it yourself, you will all be amazed of its perfection. Have fun and I really hope this guide built a starting view in your minds, and wining it depends only on your gameplay and teamwork! Go ahead I wish you all wonderful time on ze_bioshock!

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Hi there, 

Thanks for playing Bioshock! I made it over the course of several years for CSS


The reason there are no stage 4 videos is I dont believe the latest cs:s release has be beaten except in private matches (although I could be wrong).


I'm currently working on v6, for cs:s. The whole map has been redone, largely from scratch, and many problem areas have been redesigned. It plays better, looks so much better, and introduces a lot more balance.


First for those who dont know:

-The map has 2 difficulty settings, that automatically apply. The default is Hard. 3 consecutive losses turns on easy mode, until there is a win for humans.


Anyway, I'll clear up as few things about the map since I'm here:

-The "Freak" is a Big Sister from Bioshock 2 (a Little Sister who has grown up). She appears randomly on a players location, on rounds where easy mode is disabled. Standing in the purple light does not hurt the player. Touching the Big Sister is what will kill the player, The light is a clear warning to steer clear.

-Each plasmid has a varying number of uses depending on if the round is on easy or hard difficulty. I can't remember them off the top of my head, but assume that easy mode plasmids have 100%+ more uses.

-Plasmids dont affect the Bosses. Even if they did, you shouldn't need to use them. The bouncer exists to trim a few players off the team for the final hold, not for players to have a real challenge beating it.

-Sonic Boom is as balanced as the other plasmids in its function. Unlike most maps with items, where if you dont have one you might as well not be playing, their effects are pretty minimal: Ignite, freeze, slow+damage, small knockback and no AOE. They exist to make things easier. You shouldn't *HAVE* to use any one of them unless you have a particularly weak CT team, or an early trim puts pressure on the humans later.



Round 4:

There are no guides for round 4. It is hard. What you must do is defend spawn, and backpedal for several minutes, while ~8 players enter the tower room, and hunt out the 8 bomb parts (3 wires, 4gel, 1 nitroglycerine).

-These parts must be taken to the bomb in the crawlspace of Kyburz' office (there are visual directions).

-This bomb must then be taken to the center of the tower room.

-After this, players are teleported to Ryans Trophy room, where they take an elevator to the boss.

-The boss is damn hard. And has 2 stages:

Stage 1: He has a combination of solid lazers _to knock you to your death, and push& pull attacks. Easy to deal with, chat and particles denote what attack he will use. Boss himself is static. Just shoot him continuously.

Stage 2: Never stop running if you can't see him. Boss spawns on players like the Big Sister mentioned above. Instant death if you touch him. he spawns ice around him then that will harm and freeze you in place for a few seconds. Shoot him whenever hes kneeling.

-After boss, a 2 stage hold after some tunnels. You defend the escape pod (Bathysphere), and ride it to the end. For the bad ending.



Alternate stage:

Stages 1-3 each have a hidden emblem in them. Shoot them all until they break, and round 4 will have some significant changes. It will play out until you reach the boss. After that, you can work it out for yourself ;)


I hope this was useful. If you ever want help with the map, or have suggestions, or are playing and want me to come looksies, add me on steam (my account is linked).


Best wishes,



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Thx for sharing it with us DormatLemon! Its an amazing Map and always fun to play!


Hope we can play it together soon !

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