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  1. XXitachi

    Oh Cmon we all know it's your fault @ Calig
  2. XXitachi

    no one cares IDIOT lol
  3. Wassup y'all so I've been scrolling up and down in my old channel and guess what I found lol footage of me and some other old players beating lila panic in 2015 nostalgia hit me hard
  4. why are we born 0days and not 9months :WutFace::BabyRage:

    1. Maxemore


      Stop smoking, it's only 11AM.

  5. XXitachi

    ez hairy pooper
  6. XXitachi

    I may apear in that event x))
  7. XXitachi

    Hello i would humbly request from admin to make a map pack for csgo Surf server since i have the shitiest internet here, I would really apreciate it
  8. XXitachi

    and i thought all the time its darude sand storm hmmmm
  9. !blame @calig 

    1. Calig


      * @Calig Blames @XXitachi for everything

    2. XXitachi



  10. XXitachi

    sahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit black bill v: mriiid mriiiid
  11. XXitachi

    Go mako team's ready
  12. XXitachi

    I used Windows 10 and i went back to 7, in windows 10 you have to disable so much stuffs to use your pc freely ( so microsoft wont block other things such illegal downloads ) its true that win10 is much optimized but windows 7 is much better and easy to use
  13. XXitachi

    PS : good luck it seems like a good map keep it up bro im sure its gonna be a good map
  14. XXitachi

    Rip google translate dont translate everything right
  15. XXitachi

    This is more like Zombie plague tho ZP much better in my opinion
  16. XXitachi

    Nice one I like it
  17. XXitachi

    CSgo and Gmod would be better for me xD
  18. Mine are : Horror : The grudge 1 - 2 - 3 Sport : Fast and furious series, Never Give up 1-2 Medieval : Kingdom Of heaven, Roben Hood, Gladiator, leatherface Action : Expendables, Comedy : Lets Be Cops, 21Jump street, 22Jump Street, Cop out, Mr been Holiday, The mask Fantasy / SCI-FI : Harry potter Series, avatar, Lotr/hobits series Movie series : Game OF thrones, Davinci, Super natural What's yours
  19. XXitachi

    o; i forgot
  20. XXitachi

    Zombie escape / zombie mod ( just little :3 ) and mini game
  21. XXitachi

    Csgo ====> AK47+tec9/p250 Css FFA ====>m4a1s+deagle/elite Css ze ====> P90 + elite/p250
  22. XXitachi

    My thug lyf
  23. XXitachi

    I knew he would look like this :lenny: :kappa:
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