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Updates November 14th 2016

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First we wanna apologize for not posting anything for over a month now. But here we're once again with changes and some nice little updates!

We updated the forum theme with our own design over the old violet theme, so as well Sourcebans & GameME sites. Following the forums is made more easier now.

Forum that contains new unread posts has forum icon with colors, and read forums icon has been grayscaled and made more transparent.

We also added the old badges from the old forums back  with few new ones. (The badges and groups will change soon, still in progress..)

User is the forums default badge for everyone, while Member, you will need to make an seperate application Here.

















The new admins has been now decided and huge shout out for everyone that applied! If you had no luck this time, it doesn't mean

you wouldn't be able to re-apply. New admins will be first placed in a Trial Admin group, where they're being tested do they fit in our team.

Welcome the new admins; @C9 ThirtyEight (SurF RPG), @DeMoN (Minigame), @TheNoclipper & @Hichem (Zombie Mod), @GLORY (Skill SurF)


Brand new servers are now finally being finished and ready to be opened in Beta! Skill SurF server timer might be changed in few days if

we find better one. So be aware of losing your stats! Awp & Aim server has is a server mix of awp and aim maps. Aim maps are headshot only.

We didn't manage to find a proper timer for climb server yet, so currently there's only checkpoint saver to have fun with.

  • Awp & Aim:
  • Skill SurF:
  • Climb:

You can report all the possible bugs you see, but the servers should be in quite stable status now. We won't add hundreds of maps in the servers

for begin, but you may suggest some popular maps that we're missing.




And just for you to know, we have finally managed to add the rules page on the forums site as well (It was about the time)

It's listed in the "Servers"  also moved links for Stats and Bans links there.

Otherwise you can see the general and server specific rules by using !rules command in-game. Rules Page.


See you soon with more Christmas themed

announcement 1st of December ;)


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